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$250/week21 year old male

I'm currently looking for a place to set up full-time residence somewhere in Hobart city. I like the idea of flatmates, because I've considered a share house but I feel like there are way too many people in a share house. Ideally, I'd like to live in my own apartment, but that is out of the question for now. I'm currently studying at TasTAFE. I'm doing an Advanced Diploma in IT, with the hope of being able to get a job that can allow me to live independently of my parents, whom I live with right now. As for work, I work as an IT contractor. I get paid a decent amount, although it's nothing special. My job is to go on-site and help people on the site that I'm assigned to and remain available for when they need help, which I try my best to do. It's only casual work however, and I'm aiming to get a full-time job soon. I'm a bit of a complicated person - I'm very shy when it comes to taking the initiative with stuff like moving out and talking to others can be a challenge depending on the circumstances. I find that it's ideal when people reach out to me initially, but after that it's a lot easier for me to talk to them (it depends on the person). I've also got some personal circumstances. Guess that's some stuff that I'd have to reveal later, haha. I also have a teddy bear, if that matters at all. As for flat-mates, I'm not really fussed. The reason why I decided against a share house is because there were too many people but having flatmates sounds like it could be fun. A lot of people say that it's not that simple (in that things don't normally work out like that) but I'd like to challenge that. I like to see the good in people, and I feel that a mindset like that can go a long way with regards to making shared accomodation bearable. I get if this is a major downside, but I spend a lot of my time on the computer. I'm talking at least 4 hours per day. I'm hoping to change that - moving out is the next step, I think. I feel it's due to my relationship with my parents. At the very least that means I'm very knowledgeable about the subject, at least that's what I like to tell myself, although I'm very constantly proven wrong about that. I try to keep myself from getting angry. In my eyes, people always have a reason to do whatever that they do, and even if it's not the most easily justifiable reason, it's been justified by that person - hence why they've gone and done it. I only hold people's actions against them to mock them (in a joking manner) and never with any serious context. It's not my place to judge their reasoning for doing whatever it is that they do. "Whatever you did or did not do, I'm sure you had good reason for doing it." I'm learning to apply this mindset to my own actions. Initially I had opted out of posting an image of myself. I just don't think I'm very photogenic. I've been advised having an image of myself on my profile would improve my chances of finding a place, because it gives others more certainty about me, even if it's just to do with my appearance. I hope it helps my chances of finding a place. I hope that's enough information - I understand if this may be a major wall of text, I'd just really like to find some flatmates and I believe that giving them as much information as possible is the best way to do it. I honestly find it difficult to describe myself - I hate talking myself up too much. Thank you for considering me.

Available 24 July 2020

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