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$250/week30 year old male

Hey, I'm Mitch, 30. I currently live on the Central Coast and looking for a place closer to uni and work. . I currently Study full time (3rd year engineering) at UON and work part time as an electronics technician and training in product design. . I’m pretty chill, easy going, get along with everyone. I usually keep to myself, although I'm always up for a social chat/drink/feed, and open to new experiences and activities. . Most of the time I'll be at uni/work and some weekends back on the coast, but I'm always keen to hang/chill when I got some downtime. . I am hoping to find a place for the duration for the remainder of my study, approximately 18 months :) . ~~Roommate Experience~~ I've had plenty of shared accommodation experience, I cook (if group dinners are a thing), I clean up after myself and can stick with a chore schedule (if your place does that). I usually give the common places a sweep when needed (not a clean freak or anything like that, just a habit i grew into), pay bills on time, and I am open and respectful to my roommates belongings and privacy. . ~~My Interests~~ Kayaking, Surfing (not very good, but relaxing), mtg (commander), polishing gems, I love food (a lil too much), strategy board games, I've recently gotten into hiking. I like trying new things too (You need a fourth person for your Ice skating relay team? I've never done it but I'll give it a go ;) . haha but legit open to anything from nerdy games to sports to gigs) . ~~What I'm looking for in my Room mates~~ Same as you I suppose (most ads post this, but its true), People who I can chill and hang out with, but also respect each others boundaries and privacy. . ~~If I had to name one pet peeve~~ It's refilling ice cube trays.. oh boy.. I'm the type of person who doesn't mind washing an extra dish that's been left out, or wiping up leftover crumbs, because its nice to live in a clean house and these things take 30 seconds to do, but ice cubes take way way longer than 30 seconds to freeze :( . . Feel free to ask me any other questions if you want to know more about me!

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$180/week33 year old female

TEAM UP ONLY - HOPING TO GET A BIG HOUSE WITH A POOL (HOPEFULLY) If you don't have furniture there is no need to worry because I hav a whole house full of it, all you need to do is pay your share of the rent basically. Read below for heaps more information if you are interested in a team up. I am ready to move now. ABOUT MYSELF: I am 33 years old, I was originally from Portugal but moved here where I was young. I study part time and have an online business that currently runs out of my garage. For fun, I like to get out of the house because I hate being inside all the time. I love to go to the beach or local pools but no-one ever wants to go. I also like to go shopping with friends, catch a movie or just enjoy a nice meal out. I also like to stay at home and binge watch the 3000 movies and 308 TV Series that I have, and spend time with my cats outside. ABOUT ME AS A HOUSEMATE: Every house mate that I've had over the years I have became great friends with them because I am easy to get along with. I communicate if there is an issue, I adapt easily and willing to compromise. I have always been considerate of my housemates by not being too loud at night. I am very clean, I find cleaning therapeutic to me honestly, WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR? I am looking for 2 people to TEAM UP and lease out a nice house with me. I am looking at going to inspections now as I am ready to move. My preferences are: - Female (doesn't need to be both female) - Around my age (not that important) - MUST WORK! (this is very important) - Rental references from past rentals or past housemate - Willingly to go on the lease whether its when I apply (preferred) r later on down the track. - Looking for serious people that are willing to stick around - NO DRAMA WHATSOEVER!! (this is a big must) - No couple, sorry. I am looking for more than a housemate, but a friend also, someone I can share experiences and do stuff with. HOUSES I AM LOOKING FOR: The house must have a double garage for my costume business. I have also found ones with swimming pools (and they pay for the maintenance). I want a big house with two lounge rooms because I have two massive projectors, two bathrooms would be handy too. I WILL NOT GO HIGHER THAN $550.00. The price rang weekly for the 3 of us would range from $150-$180. I have been looking for places in Argenton, Glendale, Warners Bay, Cardiff, Cardiff Heights, Boolaroo, Wallsend, Jesmond, Birmingham Gardens, Maryland, Fletcher, Maquarie Hills, Cardiff South, Cameron Park, West Wallsend, Holmseville, Waratah, New Lambton, Lambton, Kotara, Charlestown and more. I would preferred someone who drives so these locations would be suitable to you.

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