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Valerii Quici

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$250/week21 year old female

Originally from WA, after having travelled a bit and done some 'me time' over some years I decided to move to Brisbane and study at UQ. I do not have a precise move date, however have come to realise that my current share house is taking a toll on my lifestyle, so asap is preferable. I have lived independently for 5 years now so I definitely know how to look after a house, make a place feel like home and respect people you live with. I'm currently in a share house of 6, which is quite literally giving me insomnia as some people are yet to discover what it means to be respectful and considerate ... And for a full time student, part time worker and SES member a long with many other personal involvements I am looking for a home with peaceful, relaxing energy. I love to feel comfortable with people I live with and feeling like we can create a home environment. I love to cook for people, drink tea together, look after the house and if we have time let's hang out. Keep things easy! I am a morning person and definitely like to have quiet nights, so not looking for a party house. Like myself I would probably have a friend or two over every now and then for a dinner/chat and I imagine you would too, for me its important to just let the other person know and be mindful if someone is trying to rest :) I have an indoor beautiful cat who loves to kiss you and snuggle when she gets comfortable. If you rather not then she also seems to pick up on that and will simply leave you alone :) She's amazing you will love her. I have previously stayed in rentals where they state "No pets allowed" and then the landlord make an exception for her, rental record is clean too so she's the purrfect cat! If you feel that my energy resonates with you please contact me.

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$200/week28 year old female

Seeking a team up, or I will consider an existing share home, if you OWN the property. Hi there, my name is Ellie, and I am seeking a like-minded person/'s or couple to share a home with. I am a 28yr Aussie girl working full time in my career role, Monday to Friday. I am a friendly, honest and responsible person. I am seeking a team up only, or owner sharehome only as I require real security in my position in the household, simply because relocating can be quite difficult for me... I am an animal lover with a little animal family. Pinto a 3yr desexed male cat. Sunny 7yr purebred Dalmatian desexed male, and 3 pythons (none venomous snakes). As well as my little family, I am a car enthusiast and have a car that is very special to me, that must be garaged. Along with all my tools and equipment, as well as motorcycle and dirt bike that also must be securely garaged. So as you can imagine moving is a big exercise for me, it is not easy to find a property that has garage space, ok with cat, ok with dog, ok with the pythons, and still suit's my needs and characteristics. So I need to assure I move into a stable place and can remain there for some time. I am very clean and house-proud. I take huge pride in a clean fresh home. If I am to live with other pet owners they need to also share this attribute. My pets are well trained and not permitted to roam freely inside or have free rain of the house. I love my pets dearly but also have good structure and firm rules for them, for my comfort and for the comfort of others. They are also all very pleasant animals. My dog does not rush people with excitement, he doesn't lick or jump up, he does not bark, he does not have any vices and is very placid. If you have a dog they must also be respectful nice dog, with no smell. I would love to find someone whom I can become friends with, and share some socialization or cooking etc but also respect your and require my own personal time to, I feel a good balance of both would be great. I have excellent rental references, and have never found it difficult to get approval regardless of my pets, as I have such great history. I have lived at my current rental for four years and only have to move as they are selling. I have beautiful modern decor, real timber sets, real leather lounge, massive 4k tv, etc. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you think your home may suit. Thank you.

Available 10 April 2020