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$250/week47 year old male

Hi There, I'm on the right! All of the below is not set in stone but is some info for you to ponder over. I am wanting to relocate to "The Sunny Coast" from Bribie Island, between now and 1st December (flexible), to build the carpet cleaning side of my business. Preferably mid to south end. Looking to team up with one other single person (with or without kids). Age does not matter to me, as long as we are on a similar wavelength. We aren't perfect so compromise and an initial meeting (for coffee?) would be good. If you have children though - I am not wanting a parent who screams at their kids all day long, or beats them beyond reasonable. I like kids - so please don't think they are annoying me. I worked in childcare centres as a handyman for 12 years; I am able to adjust to their needs. Even though I am friendly and would like to live in a home where we can communicate and possibly become friends - maybe the odd outing, drinks, chat, a laugh together, or catch up, I am not after a party house (BBQ's or a small gathering would be okay - just not the old type parties with punch ups, damage and disrespect). I don't want to live in a "we live together but totally live alone" situation. Sure, quiet time and self time does not bother me - I have lived alone for 9 years. I don't want a public thoroughfare, half way house, drugs, violence, multiple partners coming and going, or partners at all really. Just a couple of honest people sharing a house to reduce the cost of rent. I don't want to have to worry about thieves or couples ruling the roost; and so on. I don't mind people staying occasionally, as long as you can trust them and accept responsibility for anything they do. This is apparent for myself as well. I am also not opposed to a third person renting one of the other rooms in the future, if we decide we want or need that - or possibly a couple friends now. I am not a stick in the mud but have lived in various situation where I have been burned. I like all sorts of animals from Dog's, Cats, Birds and Fish - but can't stand people who do not pick up their dogs land mines. I have all the mowing equipment for my business - I hate land mines. I want to walk in my back yard without the worry of stepping in S#%T. I don't like cats that claw at furniture and urinate everywhere. I am also mildly allergic to cats. My eyes itch like crazy. Outdoor, or semi outdoor, short haired cats are best for me. I don't like dogs being tied up all day either, which is why I do not have a dog myself - It isn't fair on the poor buggers. I am clean and tidy, without being over the top (The best time to really get on top of things and go overboard, is when an inspection is due). I don't mind getting in the kitchen to cook by myself or together, BBQing, maintaining things and so on. I am not a Vegan but not worried if you are. If me being an Omnivore upsets you, than it's best we do not live together - there really is no need to get into a situation that torments one another. If you have allergies to certain foods, just let me know - I have allergies to shell fish. I just have to make sure prawns are away from other foods I will be eating; and that you wash your hands after handling them. I always pay all bills on time, if not in advance; and hope for the same from you. I don't want drama. I don't like any reality TV or soap operas, because of this - although you can watch whatever you like. I have and need internet for invoicing and business dealings with unlimited downloads and wifi. Obviously, I am also after someone who doesn't use premium services that will be added to my bill. My electricity is cheap. I have Amazon Prime and may get Netflix back on as well. I am also open to whatever you have too, in regards to any of this; just putting it out there, that I can bring these utilities with me, if need be because I do need Internet. If you need a house with a second bathroom, that will suit me. I don't need the one with a bath tub, for any of you parents who might do. However I do not care whether you would want the main bedroom either. Having our own bathrooms is good for privacy; and we can clean our own as well. I will need a lot of garage space / shed / cemented garden shed, because of my business tools, trailer, ute etc. I am organised - so am able to work things out regarding space - floor shelves along a wall for instants. If there was a carport and a double garage, this might suit us better. I have a large weights machine and boxing kit, although I haven't been able to use them here - so may sell them. I also have enough furniture for a large 3 bedroom house including a queen bed setting, a king waterbed setting, 2 singles with a trundle each. I don't have a dining table though. I have a huge TV. These things we would need to consider, if you have a lot of furniture too. I have seen houses with 2 TV areas and 4 bedrooms for around $500/wk, which could work. $250 to $300 / wk each, should be enough. I really don't want to store furniture off site because it defeats the purpose of sharing, to reduce rent. I will store onsite in a spare room, if the place is not big enough, with the view of selling to minimize (something I have been wanting to do so I can eventually get a bus to build into a travel home). I am happy to pay a bit more than you, if need be, or all the internet connection. We can compromise. I want a long term flatmate - because moving all the time is expensive. Anyway, I have tried to give as much information as I can. If you have any questions or think we may get along, PM me. Cheers and Thanks for looking Sando

Available 1 November 2020