Average age of sharers increase in 2016

by Aaron Wischusen

Released: 15 MAR 2016

Latest data from Flatmates.com.au shows the average age of someone looking to live in share accommodation has increased due to growing interest from over 40s.

In January and February, the number of over 40s using the site to find accommodation rose by 20% compared with the same period in 2015.

The largest increase was in the 60-64 age bracket with 43% relative growth, followed by the 50-54 and 65+ age groups with 31% and 29%, respectively.

Consequently, the median age of those looking also increased from 25 to 26, while the mean age crept up from 26.9 to 27.3.

Flatmates.com.au CEO, Thomas Clement, suggests the growth was due to a greater acceptance of sharing and high rental costs.

“There is definitely growing acceptance of shared living, particularly amongst those over 50,” said Clement.

“Some are interested in living with others for company, while many are looking to cut down on their living costs.”

“In some cases, it has simply come down to people being priced out of the steep rental market and being left with little choice but to share.”

While those over the age of 40 currently account for one in 12 members on the site, Clement said he expected the number to continue to grow.

“This time last year, those over 40 only accounted for around one in 17 members looking for a place, we expect that ratio to continue to decrease,” said Clement.

“Share accommodation is no longer just housing for students or those moving out of the family home; sharers have become far more diverse and include anyone from single mums to retirees.”

  2015 2016
Median Age 25 26
Mean Age 26.94 27.30
Age bracket of those looking Percentage change relative to total number looking 
’15 - ‘16
18-24 0%
25-29 -4%
30-34 -6%
35-39 6%
40-44 14%
45-49 19%
50-54 31%
55-59 15%
60-64 43%
65+ 29%

Figures are based on 63,752 room-wanted profiles created on Flatmates.com.au in January-February for 2016 and 2015.

  • Aaron Wischusen
  • aaron@flatmates.com.au
  • Public Relations and Community Manager