Sydney home to 98 of 100 most expensive share suburbs

by Aaron Wischusen

Latest data from has revealed Australia’s most expensive share accommodation suburbs, with Sydney taking out a whopping 98 of the top 100 spots.

Darling Point claimed the title of most expensive with rooms in harbourside suburb demanding an average $387 per week, almost double the national average of $197.

Following close behind were the well-heeled Sydney suburbs of Milsons Point and Point Piper with average room rents of $380 and $375 per week, respectively.

Melbourne’s Docklands, at 76th most expensive, was the first non-Sydney suburb to rank with an average weekly room rent of $302.

Brisbane South was the sunshine state’s top suburb at $273 per week, ranking 129th nationally.

Chief executive officer of, Thomas Clement said the increased number of those wanting and needing to share homes meant more non-traditional share suburbs featured on the list.

“Even just a few years ago sharing was still predominantly an inner-city trend, with people sharing homes in an effort to rent affordably near the city. This is not necessarily the case today, which is why we are seeing the likes of Darling Point and Point Piper on the list,” said Clement.

“We are starting to see a greater acceptance of sharing not just to split the rent or bills, but also as a means for people to purchase their first properties or maximise the value of their spare space.”

The high prices may not be a welcome sign for renters, however, with 78 suburbs now commanding average room rents over $300 per week.

“While sharing will always be the most affordable way for people to rent, the high cost of rooms in some—mostly inner-city—suburbs may force some further out to find something suited to their budgets.”

“The good news for seekers is that the number of rooms being offered is on the rise, which will mean more choice in suburbs, prices and types of properties.”


Top 5 Most Expensive Share Suburbs

Rank Suburb Average Rent Per Week
1 Darling Point $387
2 Milsons Point $380  
3 Point Piper $376
4 Pyrmont $370
5 Elizabeth Bay $369

Data based on over 79,000 private room listings created on in the previous six months.

  • Aaron Wischusen
  • Public Relations and Community Manager