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Beaular & Kelly

Beaular and Kelly

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$700/week28-29 year old women

Kelly and I are enthusiastic about securing a 3bed 2bath rental to call home for 12 months, with a likelihood of extension. Our collective goal is to transform the rental into a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary for us and Ariella (7), where we can embrace the joys of life beyond the hustle and bustle of our professional careers. As young female professionals, aged 28 and 29, we have successfully navigated the demanding worlds of mental health and youth justice, and now we yearn for tranquility and comfort. We have both completed our degrees, enjoyed our fair share of adventurous nights, and reached a point in our lives where we appreciate the simple pleasures of a serene evening. Our vision for this townhouse is to create a haven of serenity, characterised by quiet nights, bubble baths, Netflix, and the occasional glass of wine. We are drawn to this property for its proximity to our workplaces, excellent location, and the array of amenities it offers. Beaular and I share a deep appreciation for maintaining a well-kept, orderly home. We are responsible, reliable, and have strong organisational skills, which we've honed through our professional and personal experiences. Our hobbies include being plant mums, interior decor, cooking, walks/hikes and days in the sun. We see this townhouse as a canvas to express our creativity and love for making a house feel like a home. We believe that this townhouse would be in good hands with us, as we plan to treat it as if it were our own. In fact, our long-term goal is to purchase our own homes, and we see this opportunity as a stepping stone towards that dream. With our dedication to maintaining the property and our desire to create a peaceful, harmonious environment, we are confident that we would be ideal tenants for this lovely townhouse. We are excited about the possibility of making it our home and taking care of it with the utmost care and respect.

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