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Saf & Laura

Saf and Laura

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$500/week29-33 year old male and female

We're an Aus/Kiwi couple new to the Gold Coast area. Ideally looking for a room in a lively share house with similar aged people that still know how to have a bit of fun. We also don't mind a quieter place but seeing as we're both new to the area somewhere with a bit more going on is better. We've lived in share houses all our 20's so are well housetrained, we always pay our way and do our share. We are clean and tidy but don't really care if others aren't so. Laura is one of people that cleans before the cleaner comes. Very social but also not sesh gremlins. Definitely not one of those couples that only hangs out with each other. We work together in social media brand management and marketing. We work from home but between sports and eating out we're not crazy shut ins. Laura is also a Psychologist with her own projects and may take on a position at Griffith in the near future. If theres a study or spare room we would be more than willing to negotiate with for that space too. When I have spare time I invest/trade/lose crypto. Not a crypto bro though and won't trap you in convos about it. We usually travel full-time so I guess you can call that our hobby. Outside of work and travel I (Saf) train brazilian jiu jistu super casually and will probably try pick up golf or something else while here. Laura rides dressage and will most likely get a horse soon out at a stable. She also gets into her yoga and loves to sit on her phone at the gym. In general we're super easy going and get on well with all types. Poisons wise we like a drink but don't smoke ciggies however we don't mind if the rest of the house does. Anything else you want to know just ask or stalk our pages @actualpschology @saf5000

Available 22 June 2021



Free to message

$300/week31 year old female

My beautiful boofhead Max and I are looking for a sharehouse ideally around Currumbin, but anywhere between Miami down to Cooly. The closer to the beach, the better obviously, but happy with anything about a 10-15 min drive to the beach. I would need a place with a backyard - so apartments are out of the question, but other than that, I'm not fussed! :) Another dog would also be great, but if not, Max loves the company of humans. I’m 31, female, single, non-smoker, social drinker, super clean and tidy, full-time working professional who is currently working remotely in educational travel - we send groups of students on tours internationally and domestically. I’m typically a morning person, so up and out exercising early, and then during the day I'll be working 9-5 Mon-Fri (from home) and then usually like to be out and about a lot on weekends - exploring, catching up with mates, doing activities, etc. I've lived in sharehouses for most of my 20s before deciding to live by myself for the last two years. I know how to look after a place as if it's my own - keeping in clean and tidy and being respectful, but also being realistic that it's a home, not a "display home". There'll be times where I'm happy to chill out by myself or with the dog, and other times where I'm super happy to have wines and dinner with the housemates - basically whatever you're after, I can pretty much accommodate that. Also totally fine with people bringing mates around for dinner or drinks or to stay the weekend or whatever. :) I've done the whole "7 people in the early twenties living in a 3 bedroom apartment" thing before, and not down for that again. Ideally I'd be looking to share with people in the late twenties, thirties or forties - couples are fine if the house is big enough. I’m adventurous, travel heaps and love exploring new places. I've motorbiked and van-lifed from Alaska to Patagonia, hiked in the Himalayas, driven a shit car from London to Mongolia, safaried in Africa. I love to get out and camp, or go for a hike. I’m "generally" pretty healthy – eat well and exercise well and try to do a bit of mindfulness – but I also love heading to a brewery, discovering a new distillery and gorging at delicious new food places! I’m outdoorsy – so beach, hiking, walking, SUPing, etc. is all up my ally. I’d much rather do something like that than sit inside and watch TV all day. Now Max – he’s an 18 month old great dane x boxer (think the size of a Labrador though…) He’s SUPER chill and I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t love him. He gets along swimmingly with other dogs, doesn’t wreck things, doesn’t dig, doesn’t bark and due to the fact he suffers a bit of separation anxiety, he goes most places with me anyway. But you’ll love him – I promise! He’s a beautiful gentle giant. I'm happy to pay up to $300 for the right share place. But equally, if you have two rooms available, I'm happy to discuss a negotiation so I can use as a study and so the house can have a spare room for visitors/guests. So let’s chat – let me know what you’ve got. Insta: chasingpatagonia & sirboofhead

Available 31 August 2021