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$300/week35 year old male

How to describe little old me.... Well firstly I'd say I'm more medium sized then little. I'm hardly a 6ft wall of shredded muscle struggling to fit through a doorway, but apparently, I'm 'too big' to play on bouncy castles anymore. Not true. Secondly, at 35 years young, despite the ever-increasing number of stylish grey hairs I seem to be sporting, I would argue that I have the youthfulness and exuberance of a (mature) individual in their mid-20s. Fun and excitement balanced perfectly with the growing burden of adulthood. It would seem that this is the section to profess my love of ‘relaxing with a glass of red’ and that I’m ‘sociable but respect boundaries’ and am always ‘clean and tidy’. Indeed. But am I really...? Probably much like you, I’ve been house sharing for some time. I’ve lived with the full spectrum of housemates over the years, so I’ll try and give you a real picture of me without sounding too cliché. I am genuinely a relaxed and considerate guy with a fun and friendly personality (and a good sense of humour). I do enjoy engaging and interacting with my housemates, (a pub night or shared dinner are enjoyable), but life usually keeps me pretty busy outside of the house. I love the ocean, I’m a pretty keen scuba diver and tend to spend my weekends diving, or if I can manage it camping somewhere outside of Sydney. I work in Finance and during the week I stick to pretty standard office hours and try to fit a run in before or after work. I’m not the housemate constantly on the couch in front of the tv when you arrive home, but I also don’t disappear into my bedroom never to be seen or heard from, day or night. I am, actually, very clean. I empty the bin, keep the sink free of dishes and have an aversion to mouldy bathrooms. I try to keep things neat and tidy and clean when its needed. I generally cook dinner at home but not every night. I’ve been living in a 3-bed terrace in Glebe for eight years and have decided its time for a change, so I’m looking to find a nice comfortable place with just one or two housemates to share with. A relaxed, happy, tidy home with a friendly housemate or two is the dream, so if you think I’d fit in well, shoot me a message. Chris

Available 29 January 2021