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$200/week25 year old man

Most of you are lazy and will not spend 5 mins reading this all. But I suggest you do Or you can just message me, and ask me something you really want to know. Thanks for reading this far. Oh still reading? thank you. I am actually a really nice, friendly and caring person... (although at first, sometimes it doesnt seem so, and often people think of me a wierdo) well sometimes... I am. On purpose. I also live in a world of my imagination as I often find myself out of my body and in a land where things go the way I imagine it, and it takes some time to step back to earth. Imagination is a powerful thing. I can be cold, but if I imagine I am near fire, i start to feel that heat. Imagination is something I think many people are loosing these days, people are too worried about crap that really, is just not that interesting or has no effect on their life whatsoever. Hmm I am just... selective. And kinda funny and I tend to over analyse sometimes. Also I can be very sarcastic, arrogant, cocky and rude if you wanna call it that. But really I am like a big black bear who likes honey. I'm John Mathew by name.. or Jö/ Joe/ Manu/ kaí (dat wat ma sista usd to call me :p)... u can choose anyone frm dese or make ur own lol.... I am not one to ask a lot of questions, and I struggle with this, so do not expect it.😅 And a random fact is, I play Football, and have done so since I was 7 years of age. Now i work full time with westpac bank as a software engineer. 89% of you will not make an effort to know me. I mean who gives a f.uck right? I make no difference to your life. I am just another meaningless person to you. The remaining 11% are''The Great'' people who will make an effort to try and know more and see the nice side of me AND make me your roomate 😝🤙🏽

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