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Hawthorn East Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Burwood, Richmond, Glen Iris

Hello! I'm moving to Melbourne for a full time job at Deakin Uni, and looking for a place to stay that will feel like a home. I'm an easy going South African, used to sharing living space, and reasonably (although not obsessively :) tidy. I'd like to share with people who don't mind conversation and sitting down to a meal/ cup of tea/ glass of wine together every now and then, despite having our own lives. Basically, a home that feels relaxing for all. I love to cook, hike, climb, cycle and various other things that happen outside. I also pretend to like music but never make time for it. I'm pretty quiet, although I do enjoy being social and being around people. Look forward to meeting you! Kate

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Looking in: Mulgrave, Kooyong, Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Saint Kilda East, Clayton South, Southbank, Wheelers Hill, Saint Kilda, Clayton, South Yarra, Richmond, Glen Iris, Toorak, Mount Waverley, Docklands, Glen Waverley, Chadstone

Born in Singapore, moved to Australia when i was 12. Moved to the USA for a couple of years to study Fashion Design. Open to move whenever, more interested in finding the right place/people than rushing into a move. Work 25 Hours permanent for now while I look for more work/Full-time work. Looking for cool, hopefully clean, easy going people who know when to chill and when to party. Not fussed if smoking or non smoking, just not in common space. Happy to be included or left alone, not fussed. Hopefully room with someone who's ok with my GF hanging from time to time, we aren't noisy nor annoying (hopefully) I play Guitar, go to the gym (sometimes), snowboard, into cars, like sleeping, listens to stand-up comedy and podcasts when i'm working. Have a Budget of $200 per week but if the place is nice would be happy to bump up to $250. Again please don't send me a dump of a place and say it is renting for $250. NICE place is the key word here =)

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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Abbotsford, Burnley, Kew, Hawthorn, Saint Kilda, South Yarra, Richmond, Toorak, Kew East

Hi There! My name is Rachel and I am a 24 year old social worker from Launceston, Tasmania who is planning to move to Melbourne very soon! I currently have a few full time positions that I am coming over next week to interview for so I hoping to be moving over with full time work. I currently work part time at Woolworths and have done so for the past six years whilst I was at University. I have a 5 year old dog named Lila and she is a Weimaraner but she is not one for needing big spaces, if she had it her way she would spend her life curled up at the end of my bed. She is very docile and placid as she gets plenty of exercise and spends most of the rest of the day sleeping. I do have a severe berry allergy (except blueberries) so I am looking to live somewhere where with people who are kind enough to give up eating strawberries and raspberries as I will react to them on contact or if my food has been in the same fridge. On the other hand though I have been told that I am a great cook and I am more than happy to cook up a few meals now and again that will make up for it I promise! I'm an easygoing person and I love to have a good chat but I am just as happy to keep my own company. Would love to find somewhere with lovely people and cant wait to hear from someone soon! Cheers, Rachel

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New | $350

Sven & Malin

Looking in: Kooyong, Hawthorn East, Cremorne, Kew, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Richmond, Toorak

We are 23 years old and both just finished our education in Sweden majoring in Graphic Design. Now we're about to go on our next adventure and we couldn't be more excited. As people we are both easy going, organised, clean, social, non-smokers. We love music, weird movies, hanging out with friends, outdoor activities such as volleyball, hiking, football and more. We're Swedes that arrived in Melbourne the 27th of June. We are: - Sven who is going to study graphic design & web development at Deakin University (Burwood) from July to October. - Malin is going to work during that time, she has her own company in Sweden that she works with overseas. We're looking for a fun place to live throughout the duration of Sven's studies. After he finishes school we're planning on making a road trip up the east coast. Cheers!

Couple23 - 23
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Amanda, Taylor & Violeta

Looking in: Hawthorn East, Caulfield North, Hawthorn, Ashburton, Malvern, Glen Iris, Kew East, Malvern East

Hello future flat mate! We are a young group of friends who traveled to Australia from San Diego, California. My name is Amanda and you will be staying with me my boyfriend Taylor and my best friend Violetta. Violetta is a full time student, my boyfriend and I are certified welders looking for work (don't worry we have saved alot to cover the first couple months rent) My boyfriend and I are also fire/circus style dancers. We are a balanced group of bubbly friends. Violet is the positive, social butterfly. Taylor is the handy bookworm, and I am the realist, cuddly Yogi. We are a very enjoyable group to be around, we are clean, love to cook, are silly, and also love our down time. Hope to be meeting you, our future housemate soon! -Amanda, Taylor and Violet

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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Caulfield, Prahran, Malvern, Richmond, Brunswick East, Glen Iris, Brunswick, Malvern East, Caulfield East

Hi there My name is Shaek (pronounced shake) and I am 20 years old and moved to Melbourne from Sydney a couple months ago and am looking am looking to rent in a new place. Im not the best at selling myself, but here it goes. Fijian-Indian heritage, born in Sydney, put a hold on my Bachelor of Construction Project Management, working full time at Specsavers. Being the eldest of 5 children, I have a strong understanding of personal space as well as overall cleanliness and am quite dependable and reliable when it comes to house stuff; chores, cooking, paying bills on time etc etc. I like to keep to myself but am always up for a laugh and love listening to people talk. I am known to be an extremely relaxed and laid back person so I can assure you that there will be no conflict over mundane issues. I am an avid reader and often tend to lock myself in the room, so some days you may not even hear a peep. Fishing is another hobby I seriously enjoy as well as eating at places with great reviews, going out with friends (very rarely), playing board games with friends (very often when I was in Syd), having a drink or 10, watching movies and more. My age being 20 has never been a barrier as I am easy to get along with and open-minded and have been told that I am just an all-round-average-top-bloke. (Please let me know if you’re interested in me immediately as I need a new place by the 1st of July :D)

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New | $350

Alonso & Brenda

Looking in: Fitzroy North, Hawthorn East, Cremorne, Carlton, Hawthorn, East Melbourne, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Prahran, South Yarra, Richmond, Toorak, Brunswick, Collingwood

Hi guys! We are a couple, both studying for our masters degree, both working part time. I (Alonso) am an architect, and brenda is an urban designer. We are currently living on a one bed in skilda but not very happy with the area so looking for a place in either the northern suburbs, or the South Yarra-Toorak-Prahran area. Cheers!

Couple31 - 32
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New | $180

Raghav & Ashish

Looking in: Hawthorn East, Melbourne, Hawthorn, Camberwell, East Melbourne, Richmond, Toorak

We are flexible, understanding and tolerant with people. We have stayed in Melbourne for more than 11 months , studying, working and enjoying this wonderful city. If the room is large enough, we are happy to share it between the two of us. Mutual understanding and compromise among housemates is what paves the way for making a wonderful stay in this vibrant city.

Friends25 - 25
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Looking in: Hawthorn East

I am an international student from Thailand. I consider myself a tidy , clean and easy going person :) I'm 30 years old.

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Updated | $300

Lara & Kyle

Looking in: Hawthorn East, Kew, Hawthorn, Camberwell

Hey guys! Kyle and I are looking for a laid-back, tidy shared house/apartment to live in one of Melbourne's Eastern suburbs. We are very social people, who like chatting, cooking together and having a nice and chill moment with housemates and friends, but we are not party animals. We are very clean and eager to respect the rules of the house when it comes to tidying it up. We are into healthy foods, wine-tasting, gardening, rock-climbing, slacklining, cycling and traveling, and love exchanging stories and good moments with friends. Kyle works full-time at Paddy Pallin and Lara is taking her Master of Teaching at Deakin University. We keep ourselves pretty busy during weekdays, but are still happy to spend time with housemates during weekends when we are available. We are not the overly romantic type of couple, and we rarely ever have any discussions, so that should not interfere in the house dynamics. It is not essential that we become best friends with our housemates, but we are looking for a place where everybody can get along reasonably well and are somewhat like-minded. We are highly flexible about the moving date. We are pretty much just waiting to find our perfect house/housemates combo, but we are not in a hurry. Shoot us a message if you think we could be a good match! Cheers, Kyle and Lara

Couple26 - 27
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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Malvern, Box Hill, Richmond, Camberwell, Melbourne, Canterbury

Hey!! My name's Kirsten and i'm currently studying Business at Swinburne. I am tidy/organised and ideally you will be too hahaha. I have lived on my own for over a year so i am pretty used to my own company and understand the importance of alone time! Despite that, i LOVE socialising, and am hoping to not only find a home but some new friends aswell!! (preferably around my age) I come with a fridge, washing machine, TV and all other types of furniture if need be. So if you can offer a room please don't hesitate to give me a message! x x x

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Looking in: Richmond, East Melbourne, Melbourne, Kew, Malvern, Toorak, Hawthorn East, South Yarra, Hawthorn

Hey everyone, I’m relocating to Melbourne soon- and would love start a sharehouse or move in with some chilled-out, open-minded people! (move date is flexible for the right people) It’d be good to move in with people who I’m on the same page as- however we don’t need to have identical personalities, since most of my friends are very different from me and I like diversity anyway. :) I respect people’s need for space as I often require my own, however I’m also really social and would love to be living with someone who I can also hang out with- which would be the most comfortable and ideal setting for a home. As for my (personal) interests, I adore music and all things fiction- books, movies, TV and comics are what my hobbies revolve around… and my other interests revolve around socializing, live music and similar events. I’m very open to new things and people, and would love to hear from you guys- don’t be shy to swing me a message! :) (Note: my preferred suburbs and move date just close estimates and are flexible.)

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New | $220


Looking in: Port Melbourne, Hawthorn East, Carlton, Hawthorn, Saint Kilda, South Yarra, Richmond, Toorak, Chadstone

Hi :) my names Belinda, I am very clean, great to live with, responsible and honest, I am a people's person, friendly, likes my personal space as well as being a social butterfly. I am from hawthorn east and am looking for accommodation for 6+ months or more. I am a freelance hairdresser & M.A, I also a bartender & start full time employment in accounting on the 8th of July 2017. I am currently from hawthorn east. Preferred female house mate:)

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Updated | $150

Mercy & Maureen

Looking in: Hawthorn East, Kew, Hawthorn, Kew East

We are looking for a quiet place to live. I love practicing aikido and my sister crossfit, as well as cycling

Friends29 - 29
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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Camberwell, South Yarra, Richmond

Hi, I'm Chelsea. I'm 28 and work full time in the city. I'm clean, generally pretty quiet on work nights but do like good banter. On weekends, I like to go to brunch, visit my friends or travel back to the country to see my family.

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Looking in: Kooyong, Hawthorn East, Toorak, Kew, Hawthorn, South Yarra, Richmond

Hi! I'm an 24 year old from the UK looking to share a house or flat while I work in Melbourne for the next six months. I normally work in Hotels and hospitality but I'm yet to secure work as I've only just arrived. Always been pretty chilled out but really enjoy meeting new people, going out and generally being social. Main interests range from travelling, sport and I'm really into music (I play a little bit of guitar). I'm relaxed but enjoy living in a clean place so really looking forward to meeting some good people.

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New | $280

Rod Leon

Looking in: Hawthorn East, Surrey Hills, Kew, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Kew East

Hi there😊. I am a 48 year old guy who is looking to share a house with people who are happy and enjoy life. I'm a respectful clean funny person who loves to spend time catching up with great friend and meeting new people. I have 2 great boys who I see 2-3 times a week. My weekends are taken up by driving and taking my boys to their sports.

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Lysanne & Ben

Looking in: Doncaster, Abbotsford, Surrey Hills, Balwyn, Blackburn, Ashwood, Notting Hill, Burwood East, Ashburton, Hawthorn East, Burwood, Camberwell, Kew, Malvern, Box Hill, Glen Iris, Kew East, Malvern East

Hello there! We're a super easy going couple looking for a lovely place to call home. We have to move out of our current home by the 16th of July and are looking for the following: - Furnished room is essential as we just moved from GC and don't have furniture - En-suite/own bathroom is preferred - Easy going housemates who like to keep a clean house and are not party people - Length of stay = looking for more than 3 months - Smoke-free house Who we are: - Ben = Aus, Lysanne = Dutch - Enjoy a glass of wine and good food - Love coffee, cooking, nature, sightseeing, travel & DOGS (but don't have any) - Clean, non-smokers - Lysanne works full time in food regulatory affairs (in Blackburn) - Ben is a law graduate and currently looking for work

Couple26 - 28
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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Balwyn, Kew, Mont Albert North, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Box Hill, Mont Albert

I treat others they I expect to be treated.

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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, South Yarra, Richmond

Hej hej! Swedish born, but have lived in Australia since 2009. Currently living in Sydney but moving back to Melbourne early July as its "home", so I need somewhere to live. I have a full time Monday to Friday 9-5 type job lined up and I'm pretty easy going to live with. Pay rent and bills on time, keep things clean etc. I'm looking for a house where we can be mates and hang out and share a drink (or five) but also respect each others space. I usually spend my free time brunching/eating, going on little adventures, relaxing with a book or exercising.

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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Teneriffe, Brisbane City, New Farm, East Brisbane, Bowen Hills

I am sensible, kind and am extremely tidy. I like a clean home so I regularly tidy up (from impulse). I work 5 days a week and uni also (UQ). I will generally only be at the house after work/uni and in the mornings. I am humble and bubbly and like a laugh now and again, im a good cook! However, I like to eat tons of vegetables and red meat 😅 I'm easy going and can offer great advice if it's ever needed. I have an Xbox one as I live to play video games, I go to the gym, I have two dogs but they will stay with my parents. I have furniture to make up my bedroom :) Anyone looking for an extra person in Bowen Hills or anywhere in central Brisbane city would be great! Thanks :)

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Looking in: Preston, Hawthorn East, Burwood, Coburg, Oakleigh, Thornbury, Box Hill, Northcote, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Caulfield North, Carlton, Hawthorn, East Melbourne, Windsor, South Melbourne, Prahran, Saint Kilda, Richmond, Melbourne

Hi, I'm Astrid, a 31-year old neuroscientist. I worked as a research fellow at Monash University until January and have been traveling around Southeast Asia since then. However, I am back in Australia now and I am looking for a room in a nice flatshare near Melbourne. I am currently preparing for a career move, i.e. I'm preparing applications while studying on the side. I also spend a lot of time in the gym and in general, live a fairly healthy lifestyle. I'm a reliable, quiet and clean flatmate - never had any complaints. I am flexible with the move-in date and am looking to stay for at least 3 months. Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers

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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Camberwell, Hawthorn

I'm a Canadian working in Melbourne for an international development NGO. My current housemates are all moving on to new suburbs when our lease ends and I'm looking for a central place with great housemates who are open to hanging out once in a while. Overall, I'm easygoing and tidy, and usually spend my time grabbing a drink with friends, enjoying the arts scene, or playing team sports.

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Looking in: Kooyong, Hawthorn East, Burnley, Kew, Malvern, Toorak, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Richmond

Just arrived in Melbourne from France. Colombian born,Civil engineer, studying english in Hawthorn (Mel Uni Campus, Auburn Road) before Master in Urban Planning. Pretty clean, not noisy, respecfull, easygoing. I Speak spanish, french and now learning english. Into mountain biking, swimming, running, and frequent traveler. I would like to rent a room fully furnished, in an appartment with washing machine and drier. I prefer Anglophones (Oz Nz Uk Usa), no problem with pets as dogs and or cats. I've been living overseas since 20 years ago, so I can do home chores.

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