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$300/week27 year old woman

SUMMARY: I’m a 27 year-old student/part-time retail worker looking for a long-term room in a social but quiet-ish share-house around Box Hill, Surrey hills or Camberwell area. I am reliable with rent and bills, and am diligent about cleaning up after myself and keeping spaces appealing and functional. I am friendly and approachable with my housemates and always up to hang out if I’m in the common areas, but also respect everyone’s privacy and need for personal space. I have some light skills applicable to house maintenance and rental agency communication and am looking to move early-mid February 2024, but can be flexible with this date for the right fit! DETAILS: I’m currently undergoing a double degree in Media and Health Science, with majors in publishing and nutrition while working part-time hours in an independent bookstore. Throughout the week I study and work, so pretty much keep to typical full-time hours, so would settle well into a house of young professionals/other working mature-aged students. I have about 6 years experience living in shared accomodation, so I’m proficient in the consideration and communication it takes to make these spaces work. I really value the social aspect of share houses, but also need some personal space from time to time. As I can get quite busy during school terms, I need to recharge for a little when I get home from a long day. If I’m recharging I’ll be wearing my headphones listening to music in my room, at the gym, or taking a bath with a book and a face mask (if the facilities permit). Otherwise, I love house dinners/weekend drinks, BBQs and game nights, art activities or venturing out of the house together for a movie or food, or a day trip. I’m massive on tv, movies, comedy and YouTube, so if I don’t have to get to bed or study I’m always down to join movie-night. I have all the big subscriptions (binge, Netflix, paramount+, Disney, Stan, and prime) and am happy to share them! Other than film and food, my interests include art and literature (working in a book store is a dream come true and I’m happy to share my 25% staff discount), science (especially health science), environmentalism, and plant care. I have many plants that I’m happy to confine to my room, but could also add some greenery to the communal areas if that’s everyone’s vibe. It’s an added bonus if there is a backyard of some sort where I can help out with and enjoy the existing garden, or even get some fruit and veggies going for the house! I have lots of furniture and appliances that I can contribute to the space, or even if some appliances need updating (e.g. fridge, washing machine, vacuum cleaner) I’m happy to replace them with mine otherwise I’m happy to sell/donate what isn’t needed. From past experience, I’ve found it’s easiest and the most fair if everyone uses their own groceries/bathroom and cosmetic products and cleans up after themselves day-to-day, and for big jobs and deep cleaning there is some sort of roster OR an agreed upon day every few weeks (or perhaps more frequently depending by on the size of the place) where everyone spends half the day cleaning (in my experience everyone ends up getting into the zone, you pump music and get it done and then have a house dinner and drinks to toast the hard work). Whatever the arrangement is, I am looking to join a space where everyone treats the house as a home, with housemates that I can have fun and wind down with, trust, rely on and that become friends. I know that was a lot, so if you’ve made it this far-thanks for reading! If it sounds like we could be a match, reach out and I’ll endeavour to get back to you asap 🥰🍀

Available 17 February 2024