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Early bird

$200/week31 year old male

Well - I'm a 31 year old gay dude, not really the effeminate type, more of a gay guy in a straight man's body. I recently broke up with my ex of 5 years (just think of the baggage - fun times) I work in IT - part time at IBM, - but not that much of a computer nerd - I kinda took on the role because of the travel opportunities to begin with (they lured me in!!!) but more importantly as a result of my relationship I i have a 2 year old female Siberian Husky -about 18kg (me and her just clicked and I couldn't let my ex take her - so she was smuggled into the car along with my other possessions - oh PS4!) who is incredibly friendly, doesn't/can't bark but can howl - never heard her do it, but Wikipedia says she can!. She is very well trained, funny (yes, she is funny to watch and will talk back to you if she doesn't like something). I enjoy running, yoga and the odd drink - not to mention long walks on the beach (chasing my dog because she got off the lead again).. I am looking for a place to stay for a few months - I lie - a year is actually the most likely time frame. Ideally a bedroom in a shared house with great people who respect each other, are social, but also can understand the need for personal time/alone time - where you do whatever the fuck you want! Also cleanliness would be a nice trait (if not don't worry - I'm pretty OCD and will end up cleaning anyway!! I do part time contract work for IBM so I'm in and out a fair bit - sometimes night shifts. Would also need a garden of some sort for my dog - who was taught to respect the vegetation/garden beds and reticulation (cayenne pepper sorts any issues out!). But mostly she like to follow people. or just lie near people. I'm studying cyber security and penetration testing online - most of my work is on my laptop, with the occasional "lab" and exams at end of semester. But it allows me to work at my own pace (as I have discovered with a late assignment submission). So hit me up with your houses, honestly, I'm not too bothered about the location, but public transport is a must - unfortunately I no longer have my car. So I may come home and tell you about the latest podcast I am listening to, or the Russian I am learning!! *Busy quiting smoking - using the air mist thing instead - usually just have about 3 a day now. Prob end up addicted to that damn spray!!

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