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$350/week30 year old woman

Hello. Hi. Howdy. My name is Nic (or Nicole, if you’d rather). Myself and my loyal bulldog sidekick, Loki, are relocating from Victoria to Cairns and are looking for a place to call home! We are an adventure seeking, fun-lovin’ due who like to spend our time walking, camping and swimming. 💃 I am 30 year old registered nurse. I am very friendly and relaxed. I try not to take life too seriously, and love a good laugh. I like to think I’m funny (9/10), but a quick poll at my work place only scored me a 6/10 for “hilariousness”, so do what you want with that information! I have lived with housemates for the larger part of my adult life and am very respectful and clean! I am relatively active, and enjoy netball, running and the gym. I am very slowly (snail pace) working my way through a Law/Business Degree in my spare time! I love to cook and bake, and am happy to do house meals, or communal food shopping if that is something that works for the other housemates! I am a pesketarian, but I really don’t care what you eat and I’m not too fussed about cooking meat for you if I’m cooking! I don’t have a particularly green thumb, but have previously enjoyed trying (key word!) to grow some herbs and veg, so if you have a veggie garden or herb garden, I’m more than happy to help out or add to! I am not a huge partier, but am partially to a social event here and there and a cheeky beer or two when the occasion calls! I’m open and accepting of all genders and relationships, and don’t mind how many people are in the house (partners, friends visiting, ect) as long as it is a respectful environment! 🐶 My chonky boy is an 8 year old desexed Aussie Bulldog. He is an absolute character, and will make you smile every day. He is in great health, although a little arthritic, which the Victorian winters do not help with! He is an inside/outside dog, and while the yard would preferably be fenced, he is not an escape artist (or artist of any kind, really), and will not fit through any small (and probably most other sized) holes. He is toilet trained, extremely well behaved and can even be bribed to do a couple of cool tricks. He loves a good game of tug of war with anyone willing to hang on to the other end! He is beyond his digging years (thankfully!) and his chewing is limited to the ridiculously huge bucket of chew toys he has. He is not a big barker, and is absolutely not a reliable intruder alert. He is bathed and brushed regularly to prevent any smelly odours! He gets along extremely well with other dogs, cats , rabbits, boyfriends, kids - you name it and he will love it. He has recently lost his 4-legged best friend and so is a little down in the dumps at the moment, so any other animal friends in the house would instantly get a very loving and gentle friend. He has lived with cats before without issue - and I can send through so photo and video evidence of him interacting with cats. He does not need a large outside area as he is super chilled and apart from his daily stroll, tends to spend his time sunbaking and snoozing! He loves company and would be happy just to hang out next to you while you were doing whatever you are doing around the house (if it’s not to his fancy he’ll fall asleep watching you) but does not demand a lot of attention. He’s also a GREAT wingman (much, much better than I am) if you are single and looking at a new way to attract potential lovers. I need to stress that I am EXTREMELY conscious of any dog mess (drool, fur, poop) that dogs do generally make just being dogs, and always make sure I attend to it quickly (vac, pooper scoop, cloth). If you think that we might be a good fit for you, please give me a holla, or if you want any further information about myself or Loki, shoot me a message, or even if you just want to chat, I’m all about it! I am flexible for moving dates, but looking for something available in the very near future as we are in Cairns now! 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️ Also happy for a team up, I have an almost an entire house worth of furniture (fridge, plates, pans and cutlery, microwave, couch, washing machine, bedroom furniture, desk, tv and tv unit, and a few other bits and pieces) that I can cart up from Victoria!

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