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$350/week34 year old woman

Greetings friends! :) My name is Jenna, I am 34 years old and I am looking for a lovely, comfortable and unique sanctuary to call home 😊 I am friendly, respectful and down to earth and while I love great conversations and meeting new people I also quite enjoy keeping to myself and always ensure to respect the space and boundaries of my fellow housemates. I have quite a lot of experience living in share houses and renting with friends and as a result I understand the importance of contributing to household chores and agreements, I have never been late with a rent or bill payment in my entire life and I am extremely neat & tidy - particularly in common or shared areas. I recently returned to Sydney after renting in a share house on the far north coast of NSW - Suffolk Park, which is located approximately 5 minutes from Byron Bay. While I loved living there, I felt I was too far away from my family & friends who reside in greater Sydney and so I made the decision to move closer to where I am from originally. Prior to moving up north I previously rented rooms in share houses & leased apartments in a number of different Sydney suburbs in the Drummoyne/Rodd Point, Lilyfield, Hunters Hill/Gladesville & Marrickville areas. I have had the opportunity to live in share house situations with people I had previously not known but who I became quite close to after living together and I have also leased apartments with my close friends and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed each experience and had no issues or conflict during my time there. I have personally enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people in my prior shared living arrangements and I hold the hope that this is something I will get to experience again after posting my ad 😊🙏 I am 34 years old, so naturally my interest in and ability to ‘party’ is not quite the same as it once was, and it is for this reason that I would appreciate sharing a living space with people who aren’t interested in running a party house (at least not every weekend lol) I am however extremely flexible, understanding and easy going (I don’t like to pass judgment because I’ve certainly been there myself in my younger days lol) so I am extremely open to others doing their thing, as long as I have my own private space that I can retreat to then I will be a happy camper! While I enjoy making new friends and engaging in interesting conversation, for the most part I mostly like to keep to myself so don’t be surprised if I am either out of the house, gone on weekends or just chilling in the confines of my own sanctuary, being a hermit and listening to music or watching Netflix from my laptop or small TV which I would bring from home to have set up in my room provided there are no objections. I am neat and tidy, I wash up after myself and immediately clean the dishes and utensils I have used as soon as I have finished with them because I’ve learned from my previous shared living arrangements the importance of leaving a common space as clean as you found it. I have a car which I need so parking would be ideal.. I don’t mind if it’s street parking however I would appreciate knowing in advance if this is something that might be difficult to accommodate (depending on the area I suppose!) My interests are pretty varied, I go through phases depending on the month, my mood and the weather.. but I do enjoy the beach and nature, I LOVE animals, I have 2 dogs and a cat that live at home with my mother (don’t worry, I won’t be bringing them with me 😊) however I would be 100% open to sharing a home and space with animals if you happen to have them. I LOVE music and seeing live bands, I enjoy stand up comedy and idolise legendary comedians. I like to think of myself as a bit of an old soul and I could talk for hours (if prompted) about my favourite bands and iconic music history. I enjoy meditating and am a bit of a free spirit in many senses of the term. Ideally, I would love to find a studio or 1 bedroom loft/apartment/flat that has its own ensuite or private use bathroom, however I am flexible if the right residence and/or flatmates align. I would be happy to provide any further information or answer more questions if need be, please feel free to message if you think we could be a good match! NB: 1. I am extremely flexible with move in dates and would be able to move in just about any day from now on as I am currently boarding with my family. 2. I also am able to adjust my weekly rent figure if the right space became available. 3. A furnished room/studio/apartment would be ideal, and also reason for me to increase my weekly rent budget. Thank you for reading my thesis ❤️‍🔥😊🙏🏡

Available 8 March 2022