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$350/week39 year old woman

[WANTED] Exclusive Rental // or Share House (existing or start-up) ** 1 bedroom and 1 additional personal space for my creative practice (second bedroom, office, sunroom) ** Calling in a beautiful, peaceful, clean, dry, warm, mould- and damp-free (for health reasons) rental or share home with an abundance of natural light and a lovely flow to outdoor areas and connection to natural surrounds. Adjoining national park/parklands is the heart-held highest vision. LOCATION: Upper Mountains, ideally Katoomba but I’m open to a looking at options from Blackheath and Wentworth Falls BUDGET: Up to $400 per week (depending on whether it's a share home or exclusive rental). Will consider the following living arrangements: • an exclusive rental (self-contained with full kitchen) • a share home with one other human • a team up with one other human to scout and establish a fabulous home ABOUT ME I am a creative services and arts practitioner and an early career visual and literary artist (presently with a creative focus on wilderness photography and writing). I work part-time on my creative practice while undertaking a the Cert IV Entrepreneurship and New Business, and working casually as a project manager for a local astronomy tour company. I'm quite independent and love to live a balance between solitude and connection with others and nature. I both value and respect personal space. I'm open to sharing meals when it flows (regularly if diets and food values are aligned). Also open to yarns, tea, nature adventures, cook-ups, walks, gardening, laughter, fun, creative collaboration play. Some of my loves are art, hiking and nature immersion/Earth communion, cyclical wisdom (astrology, moonology and celebrating the Celtic seasonal festivals), sustainability, eco living, markets (farmers, arts and crafts), collecting spring water, natural history, lovingly tending home, cooking wholefood, organic (and now macrobiotic) cuisine, ‘food as medicine’ and natural health, and tea! CO-CREATING & SHARING SPACE I’m open to sharing space with a resonant, warm, authentic, conscious and emotionally mature human being; someone willing to share and consciously create and nurture a resonant, mutually beneficial, respectful, beautiful, clean, clear and high-vibrational shared space, house and home. I see home as sacred space and value harmony, peace, warmth, beauty, clarity (on all levels) and connection in the home. I also value conscious, sustainable and ethical living so I would especially love to share space with someone who values, cultivates, practices or is open-minded to adopting these. CONSCIOUS, UNPLUGGED HOME I’d love to live with another non-drinker and co-create an intentional substance-free and alcohol-free space, and an ‘unplugged’ TV & main-stream-media-free-home 🥰 I find I am considerably more productive creatively and with reading for leisure in an unplugged home! SUSTAINABLE LIVING I'd love to co-create an eco and Earth-conscious home, growing organic produce, eliminating harmful chemicals/toxins and EMFs, minimising plastic and waste, powering the home on renewable energy,. I’d love to live with a housemate who also has environmental ambitions and goals for an energy of eco-warrior collaboration inspiring each other to greater and greater sustainability . If my vision and house vibe sparks, then I’d love to connect and find out what you're looking to weave in and around home. Thanks for reading and considering! 🤍

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