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$275/week37 year old woman

I am extremely house proud, love to clean (can be OCD) organise (yes, even other people's mess) cook (usually only for others) Very generous & tend to spoil & forever give too much to others. Looking to avoid the takers now that drain you & find some like-minded people I'm more of an introvert these days. Definitely friendly & love a good D and M, but not so much small talk about the weather. I'm usually either really social or not, nothing much in between. Crazy, crazy busy or taking a few days time out laying low. Sometimes I prefer to recharge on my own & or watch TV in my room. About to study FT as well so I won't have much spare time. As is I work long days as a nanny at least Weds to Sun until around 10pm. So, if you've only weekends off I'll just be coming home to sleep, literally. I am always friendly. I just need to find somewhere to stay that's not a party house every week & with people whom aren't offended if I'm not always 24/7 social. However, I LOVE meeting new & interesting people who have beautiful souls, lots of life experiences & depth. Hopefully have more to them than what they do for a living & what the footy score is. Love to seek out similar curious souls (not know it alls who do all the talking lol) who love to read, learn something new, write, evolve & get at one with nature. Those that perhaps know how to deal with the worst of times, well. Usually it's the people who've had their fair share of struggles & have come out the other side still with a good heart that I love & find inspiration in the most. To be living with quality people that would be there for each other & become a real lil' family would be most ideal & incredible to me. I'm adventurous (well I was pre-Covid anyway) Love BCF, photography, sunspam, spectacular scenery, roadtrips (I've just about driven myself around the countryside all unplanned) Doing anything new, motorsport, adrenaline activities, cooking, dining out (love a good brunch) live music, markets, fresh produce & a healthy lifestyle. I love a good BBQ, nice meal, bloody good coffee or splashing out on a fancy bottle of red. I'm a non smoker & would prefer the same. I'm looking for a clean, nicely furnished home (pref. uncluttered with hopefully nutriel furnishings) an ensuite or a bathroom not shared with more than one. Loads of built in wardrobes, XL space ie plenty of room to fit hopefully a King or minimum queen bed, desk, mirror, tv etc. With the room itself unfurnished unless we happen to share the same decor taste ;) It's very important to me that a housemate is easy going, friendly, respectful, not on loud phone calls 24/7 in loungeroom when others there, knows how to fairly share communal spaces, fridges etc Or those simple things that (usually) should go without saying. In the interest of full disclosure I'm hoping to not have to move again anytime soon. Hence my very specific requests. Long term all going well would be my dream. I'm wanting to come home to a place that I can call my home & my sanctuary, with always kind, wholeheartedly good people who only ever have nice things to say, who aren't moody, can treat people well (no matter what) & whom would never cause any trouble. I don't want to feel like I can't "live" in the whole house. Naturally everything is a two way street. But definitely wanting a home that we can share fairly. Everyone has their fair share of rights. I'd like my bedroom to be my own private space where security is paramount & simple things like keeping front doors locked happens. I've had my house robbed twice inc a brand new car (when people were home) so I don't fancy a 3rd. A lock on my door for my valuables or ability to add to your insurance (if available) would be awesome too. I always give more than I receive but it has to be with the right people. Wanting the home to feel like it's everyone's who live there, rather than just one person's. I'd like to use an airfryer, thermo machine everyday so if you don't have I'd like space in the kitchen for that. Any kind of unused storage space would be a plus too. I regard myself as always easy to get along with & can usually fit in to any type of homes with ease. Having lots of experience as a live-in nanny I'm used to slotting into all types of dynamics within households. But, I no longer want my home to feel like work, if you know what I mean. I don't want to pay to live somewhere & to not want to be there or come home. I'm very particular when it comes to bathrooms & kitchens, I like to keep them clean. Cupboards & fridges organised. I'd be that person who has all the labels of things facing the front if I could. I wouldn't expect others to be that bad but don't get offended if I can't help myself fixing it all, alot lol. Lastly I'm needing parking for my SUV. Under cover or in a garage preferably but otherwise street parking is fine. Though I've often got my hands & car full of stuff usually so not wanting to fight for a car park or be in faraway parking spots. Needs to be direct from the home, not down the street. Definitely not ticket parking. If your still reading & don't think all of this is ridiculous & unreasonable than YOU are whom I'm looking for. PLEASE contact me!!!!! I need you in my life. And, I promise you if you can relate you'll always get more from me than the other way around. Happy to pay at least monthly in advance for the right place (maybe more) & have some kind of written agreement for bond, vacating notices/time periods etc. Obviously getting to know each other before we move is would be great & happy to trial short-term to start. I'm an open book & would love to spend an arvo getting to know the person I'm moving in with is just not putting on a BS front. Pretends to be one way but turns out to be anything but that. I believe the word I'm looking for is authentic & wholeheartedly true, actually who they say they are, not what they pretend to be. Has zero history putting others down, no matter what. Not trivial & petty. Mature & drama free. Respectful of others at all times. Looking for a positive environment filled with those that support & lift each other, like a real family environment. Wholeheartedly "good, honest people" is all I wish to surround myself with. .

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