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$280/week27 year old male

Aloha potential future housemates, Need to vacate my current place before 22th Jan so ideally looking for new legend/legends to live with now, but finding the right fit is more important so can always crush at some mates for a couple of weeks if required. Can be an established property or a team-up since its the people who makes it home. (Bonus points if the place has double glazed windows) I have previously worked as a green architect-designer (Born in Turkey, bred in Colorado/USA, graduated from Milan/Italy and worked in Dubai) who has lived in a few continents (lots of stories) before calling Melbourne my home. Currently getting my masters degree on property and working as a research assistant to make better designed affordable housing at the University of Melbourne. If I was to briefly describe myself with cliché mottos, mines would be somewhere around 'work hard, play hard' , 'love what you do, do what you love' and 'less is more'. I absolutely love all outdoor activities (when its not on fire), love to dance (anything that has a good beat), interested in anything arts - design - the environment - business - finance related, a little bit of a travel addict (In good ol' days when travel was a thing) and a self-proclaimed wine guru. My home is my sanctuary so even though I like adventures and occasional boogies, home is where I recharge my batteries and feel safe. Lived with housemates my entire adult life (males, females and LGBTQ) so perfectly house trained and fully aware of personal space. Have my own busy life but nonetheless would still like to have the ability to socialise with my housemates on occasional basis ex: movie nights, odd drinks, outdoors etc. Love animals of all kinds (especially dogs) but allergic to cats (sadly) and drama (not so sadly). I also have my own room's furniture, a bean bag, a dishwasher, a dryer and a smug smile. Ideally looking for a MODERN 11m2+ room in the inner northern suburbs for long term in a house/unit that has 2- 4 bedrooms, and an en-suite or a shared bathroom. Dont mind going on a lease so happy to provide references and bank statements if required. So if you are a member of a mature, creative and neat household that is looking for another crew to trim the sails, feel free to reach out. Cheers Efe

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Laura and Tom

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$300/week23 year old female and male

Two mates hoping this will be the best listing on here We’re Tom and Laura, same age (23), same income (both have grad jobs), same super contribution to a social, cozy and sustainable home. We both moved to Melbourne from NSW just before lockdown and are looking to find a third person to finally create our Melbourne home in the inner north. Laura works as an engineer at Nestle and loves reading, crafts, the beach, hiking and keeping our place sustainable. Tom is a graduate at a life science company. Loves cocktails, coffee and music and has a pretty sweet set up for all 3 of those and loves sharing it. We are both social people and spend most nights having dinner together or watching TV after work, so we would love someone who will join in on communal activities like that. Some quick questions to help you get to know us, send us your answers :) What is always stocked in your fridge? -Stone and woods Most played song on your Spotify wrapped? - Tom: I missed out - Hockey dad - Laura: Gooey - Glass Animals Best contribution to a share house? -Tom: I spent way too much on a proper espresso machine, so I guess cafe quality coffee and an almost full home bar. - Laura: I work at Nestle’s Allens factory so can guarantee a constant supply of the freshest lollies you’ve ever had Must have house feature? - Tom: I am obsessed with rooftops or balconies - Laura - a big kitchen bench How did you stay sane during lockdown? - Tom: creating absolute bangers on my laptop - Laura: testing my ability to create somewhat decent embroidery pieces Budget $300/wk each

Available 29 January 2021