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$230/week29 year old woman

Hey there :) Anyway, I'm Georgina, and I'm 29 (though I know I look much younger!) I've lived between SE QLD and Canberra in my lifetime and would like to stay in the inner west of Brisbane as I quite like this area of town. I have put down a move date in the 20th of July but is flexible at this stage. Same with rent amount is the place/roommates are excellent 😀 (I'm currently living at the Sunshine Coat temporarily but looking to move back ASAP. I have finished up a short-term administration job and my lease at my previous place ended recently). Anyway, I like checking out the arts, going to the movies and travelling to new and exciting places. I hope to live with others in their mid-twenties to their early thirties as a general guide. I'd be looking to live with a female housemate/s primarily, but I have no opposition to living with a male housemate. The most important thing is personality to me, so if we can get along most of the time, then that's all good with me. It would be nice to be friendly or even friends with my flatmates, and it would be nice to watch a tv show together, for instance. On the other hand, I totally understand the need for everyone to have their own space and time to unwind; I need that myself if I've been out a lot or had a stressful day. I'd classify myself as a warm introvert. I want to be somewhere where household tasks are done equally by everyone. (I'm fine to have a little mess now and then - I'm not pedantic about cleanliness - so as long as stuff is cleaned up and tidy-ish, it's all good by me). I need somewhere where I can fit a queen bed into my room. I have my own car as well. Feel free to message me if I sound like a suitable roommate for you. Have a nice day!

Available 15 August 2022