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$350/week40 year old woman

Hi. I'm Emma and I'm looking to make a home on the coast. Because this intro is quite long... if you're not keen for someone who has a dog and works from home, save yourself the read. OR... keep reading and perhaps I can change your mind. I love to surf, and life feels incomplete without being able to get in the water at least a few times a week. Surfing is my main reason for wanting to move and I want to be close to Noosa and DI to make this a reality. Over the years I've been surfing in Noosa I've made some great friends, and want to be closer to that part of my life. I feel like part of the community already - I just wish I didn't have to travel 2 hours every weekend to be there. The right place for me will be accepting of me working full time from home, or there abouts. I imagine I'll travel to Brisbane every fortnight to spend time in the office. I've been in my current role for six years. I'm a designer and love what I do. I know this wont suit a lot of people, and ideally I'm looking for a granny flat or large space to set up a bed and desk as to not disrupt my housemate/s. Due to this, I'm happy to pay a higher rent for the right space. I'm respectful, harmonious, environmentally conscious and I'd like to think easy to live with. I love to cook, share meals [or not] and am more than happy to contribute to the workings of the house. I've been house sharing for five years and have developed life long friendships with the people I've lived with. Gracie is my 5 years old staffy/whippet. She's awesome and is a great house mate. She's super chill, but needs a safe, fenced yard. Preferably some lawn because she loves to sun bake. If you have animals she'll love the company and be a great friend for them. She's very well trained, has a few tricks up her sleeve and makes friends wherever she goes. She's really social, but not too in your face or demanding. Also she's short haired and not a slobbery creature. She's been share housing for most of her life and I've never had any issues. My current lease is up on the 25th September, so ideally i'll be moved before then. Thanks for reading. Emma

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