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$150/week37 year old female

Hello lovely people! I'm in my mid-30s, working full-time and looking for some fabulous humans to live with. I've been in a small flat on my own for a while now, long enough to realise that if I ever want to buy my own place I need to be saving a whole lot more than I'm currently able to. More importantly though, all the time I've spent at home lately has made me think about how much I miss having a solid community around me. Living on your own can make that a bit of a challenge to come by, and it's something I'm hoping to change with this move! :) Things I do for fun are mainly outdoors. I love hiking and camping (most weekends), so I'd like to live somewhere close to the trees/mountains/trails. Also love the idea of growing my own fruit and veggies and cooking amazing things, though in truth I don't have a lot of time for it. But if someone has already got it going will very happily help out! A clean and tidy environment is super important to me, as is one where everybody chips in equally (though not necessarily in the same ways). I really want to live with mature, open-minded and positive people who care about each other and the world we live in. In terms of the house, as long as I've got a room big enough for a desk and enough quiet to work during the day I'm happy. Would prefer my own bathroom but totally flexible about everything else, including location. Oh, and I come with one small and very well-behaved indoor cat that adopted me a few years ago, so she needs to be welcome too. :)

Available 31 July 2020

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$300/week30 year old male

Hey! I'm a 30yo outdoor rec student in lilydale. I'm a kind-hearted individual looking to live with open communicators who want to share the space as opposed to just co-habitate. At my best, I'm full to the brim with over-flowing love and excitement. In my darker moments I can be a bit of a hermit. I'm something in-between the party-goer and the homesteader, in that I'm neither :D I'm slowly playing with music production, painting and woodwork but I'm an epic noobie in all of them! Love to dance, travel, rock climb, read, play board games and I'm a bit prone to pick at the existential seams :) I eat mostly plant-based but I'm not pure enough to be a vegan. I'm interested in self-sustainability and about to learn to hunt with a bow. If you're a keen gardener I'm super willing to help out and learn, but I have no skills in the area to trade with :) I'm not the cleanest person in the world, but I keep my mess to my room and of course help with all household chores. I'm awesome to live with because I'm interested. I listen when you speak, I'm always ready to go explore on an adventure, to sit down and provide a space to vent or to have sing-a-longs by a fire. I'm open-minded, caring and empathetic. I spent five years travelling the world, worked in fruit plantations, served for 18 months in the IDF, hitchhiked across europe without shoes, lived on beaches, in forests, in deserts and on river banks, got deported from the USA, got a free flight from Iceland, picked cherries in Tassie and to be honest this TAFE course is probably the most difficult thing I've ever had to do, lol. One of my housemates has decided that they no longer want to house share so I'm looking to move out ASAP. If I sound interesting I'd love to hear from you!

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