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Early bird

$300/week31 year old male

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Daniel, a 31-year-old UI and Interaction Designer working for a private consultancy in Sydney. I'm currently based in Sydney and looking to relocate back to my city of preference now that COVID restrictions allow it, and I have a job that I can take with me. I will be working from home (obviously). Hobbies include fitness/gym, art, anime, sci-fi, design, Twitch streaming, and EDM. Have no fear because have great headphones :) Im not looking to move earlier than my nominated date due to some family commitments and so it lines up with some booked leave from work. I am mostly putting out feelers and adding items to my shortlist for later review (and to see if they're still available). I am very experienced with share housing, having lived out of home since I was 18 in both Melbourne (2010-2015) for my studies and early career, and in Sydney from 2015 till now. I am also the head tenant of the place I'm currently staying in, so I'm well versed in the issues crappy tenants can bring and I have no intention to become one myself. I am fine with going on a lease and would love to be a part of a Teamup (can't provide any furniture, but I can contribute to an IKEA trip!). I'm in no rush to move before the nominated date and want to find a place that ticks all my boxes so I can stay there long term. What I come with: • A Bird. My 17-year-old Sun Conure - Chicken - is fully flighted, social and toilet trained. She loves fruit, nuts, cardboard tubes, neck scratches and thinks folding laundry is super fascinating. • Free internet! My workplace pays all my internet expenses. I will transfer my existing iiNet 100/40 Unlimited plan in the place of whatever internet you have for the benefit of the whole house. Trust me you are going to need it, as my approx. average monthly usage is around 1.9TB :P • I have a car so I'd like a place to park it. Streetside is fine. What I'm looking for: • No Roomshare. • Partially furnished. I do not require a desk, as I have my own specialised one (183x76cm). All other furniture items would be greatly appreciated. Entirely unfurnished is acceptable. • NBN Connectivity. A room within Carlton, Parkville, Brunswick or West Brunswick. Seddon and Yarraville are also under consideration or the CBD. If you do not live in one of these areas, or cannot confirm either the presence of NBN FTTP or FTTC/B in the CBD; I am not interested. • Relating to connectivity, my PC is not WiFi capable and will require an Ethernet connection to the router. If it can be relocated to my room or be in an area I can discreetly string a blue cable to it, that would be grand. • Open to having a bird in the house, and ideally have no existing pets that are a threat to birds. Her cage will require around 1 square meter of floor space. Ideally, I'd want to set her up somewhere that is visible from my PC desk, can get attention from others in the house and has a window for her to look outside of. • I don't mind the occasional keggers and coke lines, but a house that leans to the quiet side during the day with full-time students or professionals would be preferred :P • Detached house, townhouse, sharehouses, and apartments/studio are all welcome. Most people are not familiar with Birds and what they entail, so here is the 411 on the Chicken Cheat Sheet: • I can't link a video because Flatmates has rules against external links, but I can provide a video of what she sounds like if requested. A vast majority of the time she is totally quiet and only makes noise for a good reason; usually asking to be let out of the cage in the morning, wanting food, or the excitement of spotting her favourite humans again after they've been away for a bit. • There are two kinds of bites: Exploration/play bites and Defense bites. The first type is inevitable and doesn't hurt. The second is what you deserve if you ignore her very obvious body language. If you watch for what I tell you to watch for you'll never experience it (not that its all that bad anyway, but your finger will be really sore and will draw blood). • No Teflon/non-stick pans. The fumes generated from these items is horrifically toxic to birds and will kill them before anyone can react. While it may just mean she is forbidden to enter the kitchen while someone is cooking, I am prepared to purchase some cast iron, stoneware or ceramic crockery for the use of the house. • NO SELF-CLEANING OVEN CYCLES. Carbon Monoxide is generated in this process and is instantly lethal to a bird even in minute quantities. The whole "Canary in a coal mine" thing? This is the gas that killed those canaries with the kitchen being the new coal mine. Do not use oven self-cleaning cycles. • Normal oven use is fine, FYI. • Do not use uncovered bladed fans, such as in the ceiling. When a flying animal is present, the reasoning should be obvious. Don't be put off by the detail I go into here. I'm actually quite laid back and really just want a decently sized, modern room with some bits of furniture, high-quality internet and a reliable parking spot. Most things bird-related boil down to don't self clean the oven, don't overheat your Teflon and monitor her body language. She will rapidly ingrate herself with everyone and in no time you'll be praying for the fluff-mountain to grace your shoulders. As a bonus, she smells really nice! I look forward to hearing from you if you are offering the sort of accommodation I'm after. Best of luck in your search for a housemate otherwise! Best regards, Daniel

Available 28 December 2020



Early bird

$162/week28 year old female

Hello, I am a 28 year old mixed race artist looking for a new place to call home (almost anywhere north/west/east side near public transport, does not have to be inner Melbourne). I have been living in Melbourne for 10 years now and am very conscious and respectful of personal space in sharehouse living. Ideally I would like a good sized room with space for my desk, room/house with good light and a garden/veggie patch that I can make good use of. Generally I am a clean and quiet person, a homebody that’s up for chats, not a big party person anymore. I have enough furniture and belongings for a 1 bedroom house but can sell things if necessary. My possessions include a lot of plants, a Dyson, a couch, a flatbed scanner, fridge, drinking water filter, table & chairs, worm farm + more. As I am an artist I would appreciate some storage or a studio to use as well. I’m looking to move by the end of November as our rent reduction here is winding up and we only need to give 14 days notice to leave, so am rather flexible with dates. Preference to live with just one other person (+ pets if you have them), to sign on to a lease and to not have to move again in the next 6 months. I am inclusive of all races, LGBTQIA+, disabilities and SW. I am a non-smoker but 42O friendly. I do not speak Auslan. I am also interested in doing a team up with someone to start a new sharehouse. Melody (she/her or they/them) ****Please do not send me properties way over my budget or rooming houses****

Available 26 November 2020