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Sunnybank Hills Share Accommodation

Sunnybank Hills Share Accommodation


Early bird

$180/week26 year old male

i am being as honest as possible because finding a suitable home is hard when everyone puts on a false front I smoke ganja and i like loud music, i am a loud person, i have friends who i will bring over and i do not mind partys or kick ons, happy to live in a “party” house if you are finding it hard to find someone who can tolerate anything and everything that comes with it i like to shower and cook at anytime i like, and i do not like sound curfews or any sort of living restrictions i always pay bills and rent on time and looking for a financially stable but affordable arrangement i will never take or borrow something of yours as long as the same goes for my things, i have photographic memory which is a useful tool for finding anything around the house if you need assistance i tolerate pretty much everything except dishes in the sink and rubbish not being takin out, i will always wash my own dishes and i do not let trash overflow, i like to recycle and collect 10c refund containers and i am a fan of environmental practices i am a performer and a musician and i also work bizarre hours so i need a healthy home to live in that also understands noise, non conventional sleeping patterns and also likes to have fun with life in general i don’t talk about politics or the news, drama, or any script level social interaction, i like talking about science and philosophy and how to change the world i don’t like to stress or panic about deadlines and such, i don’t really consider anything worth making a big deal out of in short i will always pay rent and bills on time, i am laid back and can handle almost anything, i will let you do whatever you want, as long as i can feel free and comfortable myself thank you for listening to my ted talk

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