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Aspendale Share Accommodation

Aspendale Share Accommodation


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$250/week23 year old female

I'm 23 years old and I work full time as a Paramedic in the Bayside area. Outside of work I like to bum around with my boyfriend or friends, hit the beach, find an excuse to day drink, go on weekend/day trips and adventures, go to the gym and watch plenty of Netflix. I don't have any pets at the moment but am very pet friendly. I love to travel and tend to jet out of the country for a month or so every 4-5months. I've lived in a share-house of 6 for the past 2 and half years so I know my way around living with, and being accommodating of, others. I feel like I've done my time in a party house and the longer I'm in shift work the more I lean towards quiet nights in, tucked up with a wine and a movie. In saying that, if my days off fall on a weekend I don't mind a good boogy/festival/day party/night out here and there. I'm quite tidy, I've always been very 'house proud' so I like to keep things clean. I'm bubbly and social and tend to be down for a bev or to hang, but I also really value my down time and sleep. At times, I'll need to sleep during the day (before or after nightshifts), so just need people who can respect that and try be quiet. I usually message a heads up so people in the house know! I've also always lived in a very social house where we're all good friends and hangout/go to things together, more like family than just housemates - so I'd love to have that too. I currently live in Camberwell and the commute to chelt for work is getting the better of me! I have a fair bit of furniture I can bring as well, including some bank breakers like a lovely big family sized L shaped couch, outdoor couch set and TV +more (doesn’t need to come with me, can go into storage if the house doesn’t need it!) Send through a message if you've got something in the mix that I might be able to slot into! ☺️

Available 14 June 2020


Early bird

$200/week31 year old male

Please excuse my suss Tinder profile picture. I was prompted to list what makes me great to live with but I’m just going to list how it is. I am respectful and sensible at home and in general I like to keep to myself. I am happy to socialise, however, and I am always polite and placid where I live and towards my housemates even if we aren’t similar personalities. I can tone it up or down, and I am patient and open minded within reason. I am often a night owl or due to work and the gym, I can come home at hours up until 4am for the gym or 9am for work, but I am quiet and mindful of others sleeping. I am a single male, though, and infrequently, I do have females around. I am very selective and cautious with who I bring over, and I try to where I can not bring anyone home. If I do, I attempt to always make it at a time or night where my flat mate isn’t home, hence why I say it’s infrequent. I am a working professional who is currently laid off due to the coronavirus. I am currently in a financial position where rent will not be an issue, however. I am generally tidy and I tend to get along with people older than me. Every now and then I will have a day at home, but those days are not common as I have a specific routine and schedule. I do not drink unless it’s a special occasion. I do not do drugs, smoke or bring any rift raft home. If you do any of that or smoke weed, I don’t care. This isn't my first rodeo. If you are a heavy drug user such as daily or weekly injectables or powder, we won’t get along. If you’re a day off work or weekend celebrator, we will get along. If you’re neither, that's even better. My party days are over and I don’t wish to be around anyone too loose in my home life. I always strive my best to make home life for my flat mate(s) easy going. I don’t like to be an issue or to effect someone’s quality of life negativity, so I am conscious of my flat mate(s) home space. I enjoy cooking and I always clean up after myself. I also never invade my flat mate(s) personal space or room. I am a low maintenance person, very organised and not messy or fussy. I am told I can be intimidating when first met, but I am a polite and respectful person until given a reason not to be, which I think is fair enough, and once someone gets a feel for me, they are comfortable with me. I do have a criminal record, but I am not involved in anything illegal currently or on any sort of corrections order. I mind my own business and I pride myself on that. I am preferably looking for a one room flat with kitchen and a bathroom. Most people call it a studio apartment or bachelors pad. Bathroom can be in the one room or a second room. I don’t spend much time at home but I am open to sharing a two or three bedroom flat if I think our personalities will gel. I do have a car and while I am very selective with who I let drive it, if you don’t have a car, I like to help where I can and I will do what I can for you within reason. In short, I’m not your average male and my lifestyle isn’t typical, but I’ll pay my rent on time, mind my own business and I won't be a pain in your ass. I just need a place to sleep, shower and eat when I’m not in the gym, working or visiting someone. I feel that the above is a pretty comprehensive list of what to know and expect, so hit me up if you feel I'm suitable.

Available 15 June 2020