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$200/week22 year old male

I've just started studying a Bachelor of Music (Songwriting) at UTAS, and am very passionate about music and genuine friendships, and have a love for most things creative. I like to keep my space clean and uncomplicated. I'm an introvert usually, but can be a bubbly extravert if I get along with someone well enough. I keep to myself sometimes, buuuut if I get along with someone, I value spending time with that person immensely, even if that time is spent as simply as coffee or tea, a light Netflix binge (and, yes, there is such a thing), or a spontaneous trip to Cold Rock (because daaaaaamn that shizzle is tasty!), but I also strongly value quality time of all forms, and loooove deep and meaningful conversation. I'm Christian, but adore genuine connection with anyone, regardless of their beliefs. In my spare time, I love to connect with people, write music, or just hang out and have fun with someone close. I don't have pets, I'm not a smoker, I'm not one to party hard, and really the only noise you'll hear from me will be my teary reaction to Uncle Iroh singing 'Leaves From the Vine' ('s okay to cry). Once in a while I'll also be recording my music, but that will be scarce and as quiet as I can make it. We'll get along absolutely swimmingly if you're creative, enjoy connecting, and are just a little weird like yours truly. And, don't worry, if you think you're not a little weird, you're just in denial. (Would prefer to move in mid-January, as that's when my lease ends!)

Available 1 January 2021


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$185/week30 year old female

Hey! Need a new housemate? I'm a 31yo musician & vocal coach. Financially responsible, friendly, playful, very clean & considerate, and consider good communication a priority. Looking for a friendly home, not just a place to sleep. Potentially looking to move in early Jan but also could do later. I generally go by my surname, call me Tilley! (she/her) I’m originally from here, I moved after 5.5yrs in Melbourne in early July. At this stage I’ll be staying in Hobart til about end of March, possibly longer, might decide to stay permanently, we’ll see. Life is so up in the air right now for so many people of course. The house I'm looking for will hopefully have: - Somewhere off street for me to secure my small motorbike (this can be shed or just a side path or backyard). - If the room included furniture that’d be helpful, but not essential. I just need enough space for a bed, some storage, some rolling-on-the-floor space, and a desk - or, if the house has a shared office space I could use, that’d be awesome! I’m working from home teaching voice via video call at the moment, only about 5-15hrs a week. I am also teaching a few local folks in person, so if the house had a studio/office and it would be welcome for me to teach from that'd be awesome, but not essential, I am looking into renting a studio space. Hoping to live with at least 2 others, who are not all male. Hoping to be less than 10min walk away from PT. Keen to continue living without much TV, (Netflix is ok, just not heaps of commercial TV/sports/TV on just as background noise) We are hopefully all:⁣ - Clean, communicative, kind, collaborative, caring, compassionate. - Environmentally and energy usage conscious (tending to put some layers on first), but also not stingy, ok with putting on the heating when it’s cold.⁣ - Careful with security (diligent with locking doors & windows when leaving).⁣ - Not big drinkers or heavy partiers.⁣ - Not working nights and needing to sleep all day (as I will often be making/playing music in the daytime).⁣ Love a social house with friends coming over for activities, dinners & movie nights, but not a "party house" (occasional parties are fine! Just not people over getting smashed every weekend.) My home is my sanctuary and I love my alone time and downtime but also, being connected to others is what makes me feel alive.⁣ ⁣ More about me: - Queer, left-leaning politics, intersectional feminism, currently learning about what it means to be antiracist. Friendly, silly/a total dork, love art/music, real-life philosophy & learning about people & psychology.⁣ - I'm always singing or listening to music but happy to be asked to be quiet when needed. - Usual hours: in bed by 12ish and up around 8am, though it varies. - Been renting since age 17, never had bond withheld, never had issues paying rent or bills.⁣ - I do eat meat, although I am keen to learn more vego recipes/work towards being vego at home. Don't care what you eat, just don't cook fish in the microwave plz (ew).⁣ - I’m happy to help out in the garden (limited experience / knowledge but can follow instructions!) and with watering houseplants (v sad I had to leave my green babies back in Melbs). Bonus points if the home has a piano, fire, and/or a bath! Bonus points for any creative types!⁣ If you’d describe yourself as a “balanced” person, who doesn’t over-identify with a particular subculture but has varied interests, this might be a good match.⁣ ⁣ Final note: Sadly incense, sage, palo santo, scented candles, scent oil sticks etc all make me quite ill, so you’d need to be ok with not using these. If this sounds like a good match, let me know when I can check out the place and meet everyone! Cheers :)

Available 3 January 2021