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Early bird

$260/week34 year old male

I am pretty lucky in that I get paid to work full time permanently from home, with occasional visits to my office in Box Hill with an extension of my permanent contract to March 2022, so a vacant parking space for my one car is a must, unless your listing is in Box Hill and is within walking distance of my offices. Thinking of moving to Sydney for career development....maybe...but due to Corona Virus border lockdown, I pretty much can work from home anywhere as long as you have fast internet or you allow me to install internet in my new room (which I will pay for anyway). I'm quite hardworking, outgoing and independent, so I'm only home during weeknights and/or weekends. I am smiley, happy-go-lucky, friendly, sociable and laughs easily, but knows when to hold their tongue and not be politically offensive. For fun, I love to play sports including basketball, longboarding, skateboarding, table tennis, surfing, swimming, gym, getting fit, cooking, travelling, playing guitar and open to learning new things/activities! I love cooking, watching Netflix, Youtube, dining out and listening to music (think Maroon 5, love ballads lol, R&B, hiphop etc). Having said that, I am also respectful of others by listening to my noise cancelling headphones in my own bedroom. If you have mutual interests in sports and/or music, that would be a fantastic bonus! Having said that, I am independent most of the time, love my "me-down alone time" and can study, read or sleep for long hours on my own to recharge my batteries. But if you need my physical help or advice with fixing or solving anything, I'm willing to lend a listening ear or solution! I'm originally from Adelaide with a friendly nature but have been working/living in Melbourne for the past 4 or so years. I'm really looking for someone who is always positive, happy, cool, resilient flatmate who also works full time, pays bills on time, independent and most importantly, ability to solve their own life problems and challenges easily without angering others around them. I prefer to live with someone/people who do not get angry or temperamental easily (Think the opposite of Lleyton Hewitt's personality on a tennis court). I am happy to help others to the best of my ability whenever I can, but in the end I want to live with someone who loves to work hard and life is a smooth journey for them with very little stress or worries (and oh, slow to anger like me would be a bonus!). Message me asap if this sounds like you!

Available Now

Guy Waldron

Free to message

$200/week40 year old male

Former programmer and Murdoch Molecular Biology grad looking for work (or possibly post-grad study) so you need to be ok with someone unemployed (though very financially responsible) and at home a lot, at least until I get more work (can be a bonus if you want your place/pet/garden constantly looked after!). I also come with an old, female, house-trained cat who mostly just sleeps on my bed and hides from strangers - you seriously won't know she's even there, most of the time, so to the "no pets" people - please consider. Fantastic rent history (never missed a payment in my life and often left places better than I found them), clean and tidy, bit of an academic/nerd, don't smoke, drink or do drugs and not looking for a "party house". Am a competitive powerlifter (National and Oceania champ in my age and weight category) and usually train 3 nights a week, enjoy bird/nature photography, an extremely eclectic range of music, board-gaming and learning new things. When not training at my mate's place or walking around a lake somewhere, I'm glued to my PC or reading. Non-religious and mostly left-wing politics. Not a vegan/vegetarian, but sympathetic to it (have cut down meat to chicken and fish). Green friendly, enviro/energy conscious. Honest, empathetic, try to maintain open and calm communication for sorting out any potential issues/conflicts, do my fair share of chores. Good at DIY and fixing things, have a bunch of tools and can often help with maintenance/repairs and trouble-shooting of tech/electronics, mechanical things, etc. Enjoy the occasional discussion or shared dinner, but don't need to be best friends with a housemate, as I value my own space and privacy. At the minimum just require the mutual respect/consideration that makes living with someone else tolerable, and anything above that is a nice bonus :) Drop me a line if you think I'd make a good tenant or you're looking for someone to share with in my preferred areas, or even outside of them if you think we'd make particularly good housemates. Cheers.

Available 31 March 2021


Early bird

$200/week47 year old female

Hello I am currently based in Meningie for work, Ive been here 12 months but finding it a little too quiet so Im putting my feelers out into the possibilities of living between here during the week and Goolwa-Victor Harbor area on weekends so I can have more of an active social life outside work, making my main home in the Goolwa-Victor area as Im a keen kayaker, bushwalker, camper, fisher person, 'rusty' artist and to take up whatever new hobbies time might allow. I'm looking to team up with someone or a couple of singles (no couples thanks) around my age or with similar quiet, mature and respectful but still fun to be around living values to share a home to keep costs down. I have most of the household furniture, just need a fridge ( and I dont own a TV) . Prospective housemates would need their own bedroom furniture and own internet. I work in the environment/conservation industry and would be sharing my time travelling weekly between Meningie and Goolwa/Victor, as needed. Hence the need for me to keep the costs down. I'm a non smoker, virtually a non drinker, no drugs, healthy eating, quiet living, dont have big parties ( dont know enough people!) . Keen to find a share place with a bit of character in a quiet area that has plenty of room, shed for my kayak and bike, room to have a veggie garden, etc. I do really like pets and used to have my own but I have been travelling so they dont fit into my mobile lifestyle these days. If a prospective housemate has pets that's Ok but they must be clean, well disciplined and quiet! Not a fan of dogs inside (hate that doggy smell) and on couches ( especially not my leather couch) and no patience for cats that sharpen claws on furniture (I trained my beloved previous cat not to). About me: Im a quiet and healthy living yes but still a fun loving, light hearted friendly person. I love a good laugh, socialising over good food, meeting new people and being active in the outdoors. Im adaptable but also value my own space, time alone and yes, my quiet time. I watch very little TV , probably wont buy one and dont miss it. But still a sucker for a good movie. Yes, Im in my late 40s, spent lots of time living on my own (plus have shared too, successfully) and know what I like/dont like, having lost patience with housemate dramas in my cranky old age! I like living in a harmonious clean and quiet home but Im not a clean freak. Things do need to flow ( be kept clean/tidy out of respect for others in the house, their belongings and because we are all adults and living busy lives) and be mindful of others. Not in a rush to move, still considering all the details.

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