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$270/week27 year old male

Hello everyone, I am Furkan, 27 y.o. guy from Turkey. I have been living in Australia for 3 years now and moving from Sydney to Gold Coast for keeping to study my commercial cookery course here. I would be studying in Gold Coast and would be working in hospitality as a chef full time. Some features about me: - Living apart from my family since 14 years old in many share houses and dorms, so I am pro at sharing living spaces and showing respect with my developed empathy skills. - I have lived and travelled in USA for 4 months, Austria for 5 months, and did long trip to Italy, Germany, Hungary, Czechia, Netherland, Belgium, France. I have seen many spots in east coast in Australia as well since I was backpacker before studying. - I have studied bachelor of international relations in Turkey and did student exchange in Austria. I am studying Commercial Cookery Cert. IV and Diploma now and planning to open up my own food business soon. I have good level of English and always wanna improve it. - I love cooking and trying new cuisines, my food is also loved by many people, so you will be getting tasty food if we live together - I enjoy meaningful conversations and cultural exchange also talking about many topics from politics, art, music, food, religion, cultures etc. - I am an easy-going, understandable, supportive and helpful guy who does not mind helping my homies and being supportive to them whenever there is a need. - I am extremely clean and tidy guy as I was in control of my life since 14 years old, and after seeing and living in many shit holes, hygiene became my sweet obsession. What I am expecting: - A multi-cultural home with diverse ethnicities that we can all talk English and share and learn new things about each other. - The language of the home must be English. - A clean and tidy home is another must, I do not mind to do weekly fortnightly cleaning but I would be expecting the same work from the other habitants of the house. I prefer calling cleaner instead since I wanna spend my time for meaningful stuff. - Occasional parties okay, I would be joining as well, but routine loud gathering would bother me. Please contact me if we are matching and we can chat about anything. Cheers

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Glen & Alice

Glen and Alice

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$200/week56-58 year old male and female

I am a 56 year old male (rare drinker), shareing with a midle aged lady (regular drinker), we are looking for a 3rd person to share from 2/6/21. I will begin to seek a property to do so mid april. (in the Southport to Nerang region). I will seek a house as 1st preference w/ considerations for parking space or distance to public transport. We both smoke (outdoors only), If you are also a smoker and if everyone wants to smoke indoors, that's fine too. Everyone gets their say, but I will not live with disruptive arguing or having loud parties (when I or any other member of the household need to study/sleep etc.) Anyone living with me has the right to not be disturbed by kaos or face the messy kitchen that someone has left and won't clean etc. A little order is wise & I just want to live with others who want some order also. I am seeking a property for 3 people, preferably a house with 3 or 4 rooms (the extra as office/storage only if needed) $400 to $500 per week (up to $600) Idealy about $200 each including power and internet. To make it easier for you I can be the only leasee, (so you're not committed to 6 months!) or you can be on the lease if you wish I am up at 7am breakfast routine till about 8:45 I then go through a 45 minute memory routine, work at my desk till about 3-4pm, then occasionally attend other matters or relax, watch TV etc. any conversations I may have during this time are likely to have an educational focus. As… I am preparing to teach a course on practical ways to boost your life and attain your goals, also how sales skills help any negotiable situation eg. encouraging your children to brush their teeth without bribery etc Alison loves to chat, so there will always be a source for corversation if you like.

Available 2 June 2021