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$300/week43 year old man

Imagine dry humour and who values from a core of honesty primo, I say how it is for me, I will respect you by being that way, hence also a good communicator. I don’t blame anyone for my emotions, I process my own and I’m accountable for me. I’m an intuitive, not analytical logical person. I’m shit at mind logic, it’s been proven and continues to, as it’s not my domain lol, It’s comedy sometimes exposing it! I’m a music producer, I have laptop and headphones, I have other gear, but, I know how far bass travels etc. Finding a place and improvising with what i have In consideration is more important . When I’m not in my music space, it’s usually my job. I mingle with the public and get payed great money for it, whenever I wish to work. I road tripped in covid time around where I could freely in Aus and have been back in Melbs for while now. The last lease of place is up, I’m out now from Tues 8/8. Full renovations have been called by owner, so had to leave. My next move, let’s say maybe 6 months and onwards..if we gel, or whatever ends up happening. Whatever the script is. I’d have a few drinks maybe, I very rarely drink these days. My passions inspire me to just feel good, to do what I need to do. Regardless if drinking or not, I’m still the same soul. I’m originally from Hunter Valley, I moved to Melbs about 6 years ago for a woman, but decided to stay after it ended. I had to challenge myself and explored various work industries, I met quite a lot of different people. Routine becomes hell, if I’m not feeling it. I’ve lived in a few places with women over my life, to me it’s a good balance and also have lived with a couple of other guy mates. I’m looking to move around area, say Brighton, Beaumaris, Sandringham, Hampton, Elwood, Mentone, Black Rock etc.. I’m a beachy person and these areas feel the best to me. I’m also one of those clean species, that’s a good thing to note. ***I guess you could say this is a bit unplanned, I was looking for a place for myself..but haven’t found the right one thus far, so let’s see what this brings.

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