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Callum Drage

Callum Drage

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$250/week21 year old man

Hi there, My name is Callum Drage, and I am 21 years old. I am from Adelaide and looking to move to Melbourne as I love the city and have wanted to make the move there for quite some time. I currently live with my brother and his fiancé in Adelaide, however this year, I realised that making the move to Melbourne feels right. I currently work as an NDIS support worker and also co-run a soon to be NDIS registered business with my brother. I would love to transition my work I do currently over to Melbourne, which is seeming probable, based on conversations I have been having with others in my field. My plan is to begin reaching out to NDIS participants who may be looking for supports as I look for a place to live. In the occurrence of me securing a home before a job, I plan to work at LSC, as my dad knows people in head office in the company over in Melbourne. This will be to cover rent and other weekly expenses until I can secure work in the NDIS. I am interested in music and every kind of art. My plan when I move to Melbourne is to be busy looking for band mates to write music with, and also to work a lot, so I will be as little a bother to you as possible, but would welcome a chat whenever we’re both free. I am clean and orderly, and do not appreciate people who don’t clean up after themselves, so if you were to consider me as a potential housemate, I will make it my obligation to respect your property as if it were my own. I am single, and plan on travelling light. I will have my car, and a room full of things, but not too much more. I feel like it is important to note these next two points, but I do occasionally indulge in cannabis, however this is not be a common occurrence, and if you would prefer it, I will not smoke at your home. I am gay, but not overly shouty about it, so I hope that will not be a problem either, but I did want to put it in here, just so we’re clear. I hope to hear from you. Let me know if there’s anything further I can provide you with for more details. I’d happily comply. I hope you are doing well, and I look forward to chatting more with anyone who reaches out 😊

Available 1 January 2024