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$400/week36 year old man

Hi, I am a single, clean, quiet, Australian, moving to Canberra from Sydney for work. I like my privacy, peace and quiet most of the time. So I'm looking for either my own place or sharing with 1-2 quiet people. My main job will be office-based but my second job is WFH after-hours so ideally I want housemates that don't work fom home evenings & weekends so we don't disturb each other. But if you work from home weekday business hours that won't be an issue. I'm independent and like my downtime but would like to socialise on occasion as I get lonely. I enjoy video games, board games, trivia, bushwalking and gym. Essential: Indoor cat-friendly. If you have pets they need to be ok with cats. If there is no attached bathroom/ensuite then the cat has a litter tray that would go in a bathroom or the laundry - people need to be ok with that. The cat has to sleep somewhere that can access the litter tray (not my bedroom as my door will be shut when I sleep) Ideal features: * Quiet, peaceful location (no plane/train/truck noise) and bedroom has privacy. Quiet neighbours too. * English-speaking housemate(s). * Non-smokers that includes visitors. * Need to be LGBT tolerant/inclusive * No shiftworkers ideally or people coming/going early morning or late nights, unless you are able to come/go quietly, then it won't be an issue. * The room needs to be at least 3x3.5m (bigger if no BIR) to fit queen bed, tv and desk * Respectful, considerate, sensible housemates. * Fast, unlimited (preferably) internet (at least available if not already connected) * Available for at least 6 months * Housemates not OCD about cleaning (I am happy to pay for a cleaner) * I may need space somewhere for my own fridge/freezer unless yours is huge/has plenty of space. * Ensuite * Storage space Bonus: * Fenced yard * Greenery/natural surrounds My budget is including everything - no extra charges please. My cat is house-trained, hypoallergenic, non-shedding and is used to spending a lot of time indoors. He can be restricted from any room that has a door and can stay in my room exclusively if you prefer. I want to get another cat in the future, however this can be delayed if the household already has another pet that is friendly with my cat. I am in Sydney so any inspections outside of Sydney need to be done virtually, at least in the first instance. I would like to see a floor plan first - just a rough, hand-drawn one will do. A chat with housemates, then if that goes well am happy to come down and pay bond/get keys etc before move-in day. I will likely have to compromise on some things so not expecting to find an ideal place straight away. Anywhere in or around Canberra will do.

Available 8 August 2022