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$250/week49 year old woman

Hi, I'm Kaz, I'm 49 and work part-time in a popular retail store in Indooroopilly and I also study web development part-time. My work hours are irregular and usually include at least one weekend day. 5 years ago I transitioned from the military back into civilian life after 7 years service and have been living in Brisbane since then. I frequent my local gym either before or after work. On weeknights, I spend most of my time studying in my room and on the weekends I like to get outdoors (usually hiking) or relaxing with friends or doing more study. I'm a pretty easy-going person and am very easy to live with, cooperation and consideration are values that are important to me when sharing a home with others. I enjoy living in a clean and tidy environment and always clean up after myself (good military discipline), although I'm not a neat freak and am pretty relaxed and flexible with sharing household chores etc... I am tidy and respectful of shared spaces. I hold integrity, respect and honesty in high regard as these are values that I continually strive to embody. I like to eat relatively healthily and prefer to prepare my own meals, although I do enjoy having the occasional meal or drink together. My spare time is very limited as I spend as much time as I can studying, therefore I am looking for flatmates who are independent and don't require a lot of my attention. I have no pets but I do have a weakness for cats, they make me melt. I am looking for flatmates who are considerate, kind, cooperative and can communicate well. These are all qualities that I will bring to the house also.

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