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Brandon & Tylista

Brandon and Tylista

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$350/week20-25 year old man and woman

Hi there! We are seeking anything from a 6 to a 9 month lease in a sharehouse with cool, like-minded people for preferably a combined $350 a week or less ( including bills if possible ). The accommodation would have to not have bigger pets ( like dogs and other cats ), but be pet-friendly to our super healthy, super cuddly, toilet-trained 17 year-old cat Jada ( Which I know narrows it down a fair bit, but she is a must for the both of us and she isn’t suitable to be around other pets that aren’t in an enclosure of some sort because of trauma she obtained when she was a kitten. ) The place would also preferably have a bus stop within walking distance. We are ideally looking for a fun and accepting environment that isn’t a party house as we aren't big drinkers and don't enjoy being in that kind of environment often. We do, however love game nights and nights of various creative fun activities! We would love a respectful, reasonably tidy, comfortable and friendly space where we still respect each other's privacy and need for time to ourselves. A little bit about us. My name is Brandon and I'm currently an Amazon delivery driver, pursuing training as a self-defence instructor, because i want to help people feel safe and confident in themselves through learning how to stand up for and protect themselves and the people they care about. I am deeply passionate about personal development and having a positive impact on this world and would love to meet some like-minded people. My partner's name is Tylie, she is an artist, and Sales Associate at EB Games. She is about to go into her 3rd year of her Bachelor of Creative Industries degree with a major in ‘Theatre & Performance’ and a minor in ‘Screen Media’. She is driven and has a lot of big creative aspirations for the future. She is also very colourful and obsessed with pop-culture, creativity, cute animals. Key words of our shared interests include: Adventures, Alternative, Art, Animals, Atmosphere, Board Games, Cartoons, Celtic Culture, Circus Arts, Cosplay ( **Mainly admiring it at this point, we will be doing it sometime in the future** ), Creativity, Cryptids, Disney, DnD ( Beginners ), Greek Mythology, Gothic, Europe, Fae, Fantasy, Forests, Halloween, Interesting Knowledge, Medieval, Memes, Mycology, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Tim Burton, Theatrics, The Universe, Vikings Etc. Etc. Etc. Thank you for taking the time to read our description and consider us, we appreciate it immensely :)

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$250/week36 year old woman

Happy, healthy, eco conscious outdoor lover. Clean, reliable, friendly, and considerate. ☺️ I'm currently living in my own place in Yandina and have been here for over 2.5years... but the property is literally a flood zone and after evacuating multiple times and multiple middle of the night freakouts as the water rises, I've had to face the fact that my nervous system can't handle living here anymore! I'm decently well traveled, love a philosophical conversation, and highly value emotional intelligence... But I also love a good dirty joke sometimes and giggling over stupid shit! My main income producing adventures at the moment are teaching acroyoga, running personal development type events, and coordinating the organic food buying group I started 2.5 years ago called The Good Food Group. I also sometimes dabble in still being a kahuna massage therapist but it's not my focus. All of this means my work is pretty random and sometimes I'm home a lot and sometimes you'll barely see me. I also like crocheting (yay Nanna skills) and I'm obsessive about good food and love cooking. Ideally you'd be cool with me sometimes having a few friends over for a chill dinner. (I'll feed you too! Everyone's a winner!) Vegetarian and non-drinker but not preachy about it. (Looking to live in a space where massive rib cook-ups and drunken parties aren't a thing though!) I like big open spaces, high ceilings, wooden floors, cosy corner nooks. Yoga and silly dancing in the lounge room instead of it being dominated by a TV. (Never owned one in my adult life and definitely don't get into TV culture.) I'm musical (former musician who still sometimes dabbles) and occasionally momentarily happily noisy, but also really like introverted quiet time. I have my own bed, but could potentially ditch that. I do have a lot of food though, so would need a big kitchen space, or maybe I could buy an extra little food cupboard. (I do run a food buying group after all! Makes sense I like having a lot of ingredients at hand.) Looking for housemates who are genuinely open to collaborative living where it's a home to all of us, not 'It's your house and I'm just a boarder' vibes. Housies who are open to all of us having travelling friends pop in for a couple of nights here and there is also something that's important to me. :) Move date is minimum 2 weeks from whenever we find a mutual Yes. My current landlord is a good friend of mine and I want her to have the time to find a good replacement for me. Looking forward to finding my new house crew! :) Gabs

Available 4 June 2022