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Donald and Julie

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$300/week40-50 year old male and female

My partner and I are between homes at present and require somewhere to call home preferably for 12 months or more as we are waiting to sell a previous property and have not yet decided on our future housing needs. We are an easy going couple who have many and varied interests, at present we both study, which includes in depth research and analysis' into a future field of business. Don also works part-time to supplement our income if need be. We do lead busy active lives, however having said that we enjoy our rest, love to catch up on sleep occasionally. We for the most part keep to ourselves but enjoy a good meal, conversation and company when we can. We have a dog mistie who has a great nature/temperament, is fully house trained who loves a good tummy rub, and loves all animals especially cat's, we could find alternative accommodation for her however simply don't want too, she is part of our family, has been for many years and couldn't possibly leave a member of our family for any reason homelessness included! We are highly respectful of others property, privacy, time, personal space and expect the same although if you ask Don a question about IT, computer science, computer communications or anything tech really you may very well regret wanting to know. We as a couple covet our time together, We are a content couple who although are quite focused at present often need to just veg, we get along with most people, put up with some and well you know the rest, although we do respect everybody. Lastly and most importantly we take great pride in being comfortable being us. Ideally we would like to reside with working or business professionals or just people who are interesting, motivated, not afraid to express their opinions and views, people who for the most part have a social conscious, aren't afraid to think big and dream bigger, who are comfortable being themselves. If you think you may have what we need please feel free to contact us anytime so we can arrange a meeting. Also as soon as Jules agrees on which ones we will post photos lol.

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$240/week27 year old female

Ahoy, I'm Kels. I'm a 27 year old Psychiatric nurse, and I bloody love my job. When I'm not dottering around in my hot pink scrubs at work, I’m generally sashaying around my room to a bit of ABBA or Billy Joel, smashing out a workout or off and about on an adventure with my friends. On the rare occasion I have a weekend off, you'll find me at a cocktail bar; dolled up to the 9's and having a boogie with my girlfriends. Other than getting glammed up, dancing and using overly exuberant verbs, I also thoroughly enjoy dad jokes, pilates, hiking, barre, baking banana bread, taking photos of myself and every stock standard loved activity of a woman in her late 20's. All jokes aside, whilst I am a social butterfly, my work can be quite heavy and so I also very much appreciate my alone time to relax and read, while eating my feelings in the form of strawberry freddo frogs. Perhaps the best housemate related quality about me, is I find cleaning strangely therapeutic. If I’ve had a stressful day, I’ll clean the apartment top to toe and then all of a sudden my life will be in order. I’m also very conscious of other people’s needs, so if you need quiet; you’ve got quiet, if you need margaritas; you’ve got margaritas. I'm after a place to call home where I can enjoy a chat or go on an adventure with my housemates, to me a right fit housemate is as important as the room. Ideally, I would like to live with young women around the same age as me, however am flexible with that if someone outside those criteria seemed grouse. I require a room large enough to fit a queen bed, two bedside tables and a chest of draws. I have a rather extensive (but fabulous) wardrobe so closest space is also a must. I have a dining table & chairs, marble coffee table and a fridge, however don't have to bring these with me if they won't fit! I’ve also got everything thing one would need in a kitchen, but again, I’m happy to box this up and ditch it in a shed back home. Furniture wise, I’m always happy to buy what we need (within reason). Move in date is flexible for the right house! My lease ends at the end of February, however I can stay with girlfriends in the mean time if the right room is available later on! If you think I would suit your place, throw me a message! X

Available 19 March 2021