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$250/week43 year old man

I’ve had to update my profile and my message about me … What makes me great to live with …🤔 I’m Toilet Trained…Tall for hard to reach stuff🤦‍♂️! Love a good laugh,! Ability to connect and converse. Love learning new things and evolving where needed , I’m extremely domesticated… love life! always positive! young at heart ! Don’t drink,Have great friends yet keep visitors too a extreme minimum. Currently studying for career change into a mental health in substance abuse , work in construction in the cbd… although my creative side is the driving force in passion is photography which keeps me Internally content and forward focused! Trustworthy , Respectful, Honest, Authentic, Self & Socially Aware... Confident and Content in Who &What I’m about ! Don’t have a car so no need for parking I like to meet new people and hear their stories and experiences Love my indoor plants Trying to make “Chivalry” cool again! ! Hi I’m Will 🤙 and if you have read this far then I’ll say Thank you very much … and I’m really hoping for something soon please call me 🤙 I’m an ex-alcoholic and I’m happily living sober unfortunately my past housemate (not this one) made me realise Im not strong enough for a difficult alcoholic drinker and or situation! And need to live alone I would like to find my own 1 bedroom or studio / granny flat and even if it’s falling down… I can do maintenance and would take it to the next level being in the construction game all my life( qualified plumber )but I’m trying not to do so much construction ! I’m studying to be a drug and alcohol counsellor… in substance abuse …something in the cbd for my photography and if it’s not in the cbd I’m interested in outer edges of the city which is still for the photography thing … (I do photography and artsy stuff for my mental health happiness)I’d like to live with people again but I’m not sure if I have enough strength at this time … I’m thinking I need a little bit of time for me and my recharging! I did really well for five years ! building up what I thought was my moral compass and some respect for myself within myself , purely based on being authentic genuine and true to myself …. unfortunately I made a very bad decision ! I am intuitive enough to be a good character identifier although I didn’t see this one coming… I allowed a person into my apartment and my world unfortunately they took my niceness as weakness and you guessed it … I was taken like a absolute dickhead 😳 i did everything I could to help him off the streets and few months in and he robbed me left me high and dry with all the bills a disgusting mess and me left licking my wounds… gutted at my self I’m absolutely devastated in my choice! I want to be accountable for my actions and I did !!! Unfortunately because I suck around and truthfully tried to do what I thought was right has now put a dent in the past work and effort in my rebuilding of me … it’s no doubt my rental history is back on the shitty pile, with any agents so I need to find somewhere that I can start again building up my only true thing I can control in order to my ultimate goal … having a good home for my kids to come and stay one day if they want too … I have a bond money and I’ve got some people that I WILL NOT BE USING THEM For a GUARANTEE … I am my own word and I’m merely trying to be transparent with my situation and these people have seen the situation and my self ambitions for being my own man ! I’m needing a place to move into today/tomorrow or ASAP cheers for getting this far and if ur interested in having a chat let me know that you have read it all too the end please … Cheers Will

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