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New | $190


Looking in: Downer, Red Hill, Forrest, Deakin, Curtin, Aranda, Macquarie, Lyneham, Ainslie, Reid, Bruce, Belconnen, Kingston, Yarralumla, Watson, Dickson, O'Connor, Turner

Hey, I'm Steve! I am a project engineer from Bungendore originally, having moved back to Canberra after graduating from Wollongong uni with civil/marketing degrees last year. Looking at moving in with some other young 20-26 yo who are in a similar situation, working during the week but keen to have a few beers on the weekend! Also happy to live with uni students, however I won't be getting around any mid week pissups. I'm into live music, mostly triple j stuff as well as hardcore and like playing music around the house. I'm reasonably clean but i don't get annoyed if the dishes are left in the sink for a day. Looking at moving in sooner rather than later, currently staying with my folks out of town. Check out my videos Serendipitous Transcendence 1, 2 and 3 on YouTube to get an idea of the stuff I get up to. Look forward to potentially becoming your roommate. Steve

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Looking in: Deakin, Forrest, Barton, Kingston, Ainslie, Campbell, Acton, Franklin, Dickson, Braddon, Bruce, Lyneham, Downer, Watson, Reid, Turner

I'm 24 year old male, working fulltime in ActewAGL , completed my masters from UC. Love going on roadtrips, hiking , camping and use my spare time to play Xbox ;) I'm an easy going and relaxed individual, very friendly with people and dogs, an immense dog lover.

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Updated | $225


Looking in: Hughes, Lyneham, Ainslie, Reid, Braddon, Acton, Mawson, O'Malley, Turner, Campbell, Deakin, Lyons, Curtin, Garran, Narrabundah, Red Hill, Chifley, Pearce

Hey! I am a blues/soul musician studying at CIT currently. I play guitar and am a singer, but am able to play quietly with headphones and such so noise would not be a problem. Pretty easy going, I enjoy my personal space, am (relatively) neat, and would love a couple of easy going flatmates! I do work weeknights however, so would most likely not be home a fair bit of the time

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Updated | $280


Looking in: Reid, Manuka, Deakin, Kingston, Barton, Canberra, Turner, Dickson, Page, Belconnen, Lyneham, O'Connor, Braddon

I am looking for a room. I am a middle aged man who dabbles in writing, performing and counselling. I am 'spiritually' minded, for want of a better word. I have been either house-sitting or renting for a few years after the end of a long relationship. The place I was in Mort St Braddon was sold. I have temporary accommodation thanks to a lovely friend. I like to meditate, go out to places like The Front Cafe or Smiths, art openings and other things around town. I have a lot of friends of different ages. I like reading and going into the bush and I can cook well. I cannot drive as I have a genetic eye disorder but my brain seems to compensate a lot; so other than driving I am quite functional. I am pretty clean and tidy. I can pretty much talk about anything and I am quite 'chilled.' Also, I have plenty in my bank account to pay rent with, just not enough to buy; I am also on the visual disability pension Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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Looking in: Deakin, Kingston, Lyneham, Braddon

Creative, clean, well travelled.... I will be Sydney based part time and Canberra based part time

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Looking in: Kambah, Griffith, Deakin, Bruce

Hey there, I'm Zahra and I'm currently studying Law at UC. I'd like to be close to campus, but have a car and am open to pretty much any suburb in the area. I am working part-time as a cleaner, and can keep a clean house myself. I'm not much of a cook, but I can make a few nice dishes. Whilst I mostly keep to myself, and my studies, I'll happily discuss anything from literature, to language, to politics. I do not smoke, or drink, but have no trouble if you do -- I'll just order a lemon-lime-bitters instead! I would prefer to live in a LGBT+ friendly house. However, I have a pet cat, who is well-socialized to other cats, as well as dogs, however she is optional. I would prefer to bring her with me, but I can make other arrangements for her. Since I have a car, I would need somewhere to park it, but I'm comfortable with street parking!

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Looking in: Russell, Campbell, Ainslie, Kingston, Forrest, Barton, Deakin, Yarralumla, Reid, Lyneham, O'Connor, Turner, Braddon

My name is Hao. I was born in China and have lived in Sydney in shared apartments for the past 10 years. I recently got a project coordinator job in Canberra so I'm looking for a place to live for at least 6 months. I'm an easy going person in my late 20s. I like trail running, martial arts (Kendo!!!!!) and motorcycles. I respect personal space but would fancy a chat or share a meal or drink from time to time. I like to keep my living environment clean and tidy but not OCD about it.

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Looking in: Barton, Deakin, Griffith, Red Hill, Woden, Wright, Braddon, Kingston

Hi everyone! I'm a full-time health professional with the APS and part-time masters student looking for an unfurnished room in a share house, preferably a master bedroom with an ensuite but I can be flexible. I'm looking for a clean and tidy place that I can come home from work and relax in, with housemates who are friendly and quiet- definitely not a party house! I've lived in share houses all through and post uni and consider myself 'share house trained' in sharing cleaning responsibilities and paying bills on time. I'm always down for a chat, love fitness and health, and Netflix binging. If you've got a place send me a message :)

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Fay Z

Looking in: Russell, Campbell, Reid, Acton, Deakin, Forrest, Parkes, Yarralumla

Creative. Relaxed and considerate. Love gardens, leafy suburbs and hikes. From Penrith, Sydney relocated to Canberra to work in public service. Outside of work I write stories, play soccer and guitar jam

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Looking in: Weston, Woden, Curtin, Narrabundah, Chisholm, Reid, Acton, Kambah, Deakin

Hi I'm a young professional working in the accounting industry. Looking to move in June. I'm an easy going person. I enjoy socialising but also like my quiet time. I like to cook and quite a tidy person. I have a chocolate Labrador puppy who will be 6 months old when I move. She loves people, is learning manners and is good with other dogs. I don't smoke and rarely drink. I am happy to room with males or females, singles or couples. Shoot me a message!

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Looking in: Coombs, Deakin, Wright, Yarralumla, Lawson, Kingston, Turner, Braddon, O'Connor, Lyneham, Kaleen, Bruce

Hi there, I moved from Adelaide to Canberra to work full-time at CSIRO. I'm quiet, friendly, and respectful of people around me. I live a pretty minimalist lifestyle (clean, tidy, no clutter!), and like having a chat at the end of the day, but I also like my alone time, and respect that other people need this as well! Though my background is in science, I also have a love of the arts - music, film, books, photography.

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Jill & Sean

Looking in: Forrest, Mawson, Red Hill, Yarralumla, Phillip, O'Connor, Chifley, Lyons, Ainslie, Turner, Garran, Hughes, Weston Creek, Deakin, Woden

Since retiring my husband and I are looking to move into a smaller place with a sunny outlook, ideally a 3 bedroom house with a small backyard (to house our two well behaved pooches). We are both very clean, respectful and keen gardeners (your roses will be winning awards in no time). We are ideally looking to move into a new place from May onwards for at least 12 months. If you want to know more please get in touch :).

Couple58 - 60
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Looking in: Pearce, Torrens, Farrer, Griffith, Narrabundah, Deakin, Red Hill, Manuka, Curtin, Hughes, Garran, Weston Creek, Phillip, Isaacs, Mawson, Woden

Hey there! My name is Olivia, I'm a 23 year old registered nurse who loves fitness, health, fashion and a good old Netflix binge! I've lived in Canberra my whole life, and one of the few who do actually like Canberra! I'd like to think I'm bubbly and cheerful, but I love my peace and quiet and zen-time for myself, so I will respect that in others too. I love being social, but I have a very busy work life and leave it all to the weekends when I have more free time! I LOVE all pets, so that isn't an issue unless its snakes, and then we have an issue.. Looking to move into an all-ladies place and similar in age. xx Olivia

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Looking in: Turner, Manuka, Deakin, Griffith, Red Hill, Braddon, Acton, Reid, Barton, Kingston

Looking to share over the next 6-12 months. Preferably inner-south or inner-north areas in Canberra. Work full time, study part time. Social drinker. Gym often. Please no pets thanks :)

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Looking in: Lyons, Curtin, Deakin, O'Connor, Lyneham, Braddon, Turner

I'm a young professional who has lived in Canberra for most of my life, with plenty of travel in between. I'm easy to live with, highly respectful of others belongings and space. I work quite long hours during the week so find that I'm not home a lot Monday to Friday. I love cooking and enjoy wine and cheese on the weekends... really any time. Always up for a netflix binge!

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Looking in: Barton, Deakin, Braddon, Manuka, Griffith, Forrest, Red Hill, Kingston

I'm am an outgoing person who is clean and tidy. My interests are sports, socializing and just chilling out..

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Looking in: Yarralumla, Turner, O'Connor, Deakin, Braddon, Barton

Hi there, My name's Prue and I'm currently taking a gap year. I'm 18 years old and live out near Yass with my family while working full time in Canberra to earn money to go traveling at the end of the year. As you can imagine, it's a bit hard to drive in everyday so I'm looking for a place to live with fun, chilled and friendly people for the next 6-7 months. I'm a very easy going person and love all kinds of sports. I row down at Canberra Rowing Club a few times a week and am a really outdoorsy type of person. After living in a boarding house for 4 years I completely understand the meaning of personal space but am also always up for a chat. I'm more than happy to help out with cooking, cleaning and all house hold chores and am a really friendly and outgoing person!

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Looking in: Parkes, Barton, Forrest, Narrabundah, Manuka, Kingston, Deakin, Griffith

I am currently a Corporate travel consultant moving into nursing. I am a private person, clean and pay my bills on time. I like gardening, movies, games and good food and exercise. Like a place that is peaceful and relaxed. Like to chat just about anything. My budget and lease term is negotiable for the right place. Cheers

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Looking in: Bruce, Deakin, Manuka, Russell, Aranda, Kingston, Forrest, Barton, Parkes, Canberra, Campbell, Reid, Dickson, Lyneham, Turner, Acton, Ainslie, Braddon, O'Connor

I've just moved from Sydney to Canberra to study at ANU this year, and am currently staying with family while I look for accommodation. I'm ready to move now but am flexible with my moving date. I'm a pretty mature individual, and I keep everything (but my sock drawer) tidy. I'm easy to get along with and I'm always up for a chat/being social, but am happy to keep to myself in the house if that's the go. I love sports, particularly netball, and am always up to attend live games/watch matches on telly. I'm open to different locations, though as a Sydneysider who has spent her life traveling and commuting to everything - I'd love to take advantage of the size of Canberra and live somewhere central.

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Raghvendra Sharma

Looking in: Aranda, Barton, Parkes, Macquarie, Forrest, Russell, Campbell, Dickson, Deakin, Downer, Bruce, Lyneham, Ainslie, Reid, Braddon, O'Connor, Turner, Acton

I'm a PhD student in plant sciences at CSIRO Black Mountain Innovation Park (Near to ANU). Always fascinated to know about different life styles and cultures. I also enjoy reading, listening music, watching movies, painting and travelling to new places. I value physical and mental fitness and believe in having all-round persona. I would like to live in a healthy social house. I am a good cook and can cook almost all type of Indian vegetarian food.

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New | $300


Looking in: Griffith, Turner, Phillip, Belconnen, Lyneham, Braddon, Manuka, Kingston, Deakin

Clean, neat, tidy & private

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New | $100

Nancy Mary

Looking in: Deakin

i am a student nurse from India.I have to undergo clinical placement in calvery john James hospital. hence i am seeking an accommodation near to the hospital from april 16 th for a period of four weeks.

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New | $350


Looking in: Deakin, Forrest, Barton, Griffith, Kingston, Turner, Ainslie, O'Connor, Dickson, Downer, Lyneham, Braddon

I work full time, I'm clean and tidy and considerate. I just moved to Canberra so im hoping to go out and explore on the weekends. I love eating out and I love yoga.

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Looking in: Dickson, Turner, Manuka, Curtin, Kingston, Lyneham, Deakin, Ainslie, O'Connor

I'm a keen gardener and cook, am new to Canberra so hoping for a sociable but tidy place to call home.

Early bird