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$150/week18 year old male

Howdy Hey! My Name is Adam! I'm looking for some flatmates/long term accomodation, and will be avaliable to move from Late April through May I am 18 years old and an aspiring freelance artist and animator, I'm currently looking for casual/part time work and also looking into courses for next year. I'm pretty shy at first, but once i get to know someone I am a cheerful dork. If I'm not drawing, streaming or making YouTube Videos, I am probably playing videos or watching YouTube/Steven universe or crying over how pure and awesome animals are. Honestly I have way to much interests to be able talk about them all without writing an essay or giving a tedtalk going into detail into all the things that I love. I don't think I'm generally a very picky person, but being in supported accomodation for 2 years I've had some bad housemates, but I'm also neurodivergent with some mental health problems so I have acouple of requirements to be able to make our home feel safe for me as well as help keep the peace and avoid confrontation. I'm not against music by any means, I love music and even play ukulele from time to time, I am very noise sensitive particularly when it comes to loud music, I can often get headaches and can be very triggering for my truama. So if we are going to live together, you cant play loud music, preferabbly if you can keep the music confided into your room or keep on headphones, that would be much appriciated. Because I like to stream and make YouTube videos, its crucial to for the audio as well in order to avoid copyright and keep it professional. Of course this can be negogiated if planned ahead in time for guests or special occasions. If you are a musician or a music student, negoiations can be discussed. No drugs, or drug affected people in the household. Alcohol and ciggerettes are fine, but hard drugs and people affected on drugs is also very triggering for me. Guests are fine but if you are going to bring home more than 3 people just let everyone know, with a maximum of 5 guests. Any more than 5 guests should be organized at least a week in advance. You gotta be okay with animals, depending on who comes into the house and if they have pets, or based on my schedule, theres a chance i might adopt a cat, its been something ive been planning for and would love to adopt a pet to care and love. However if someone else has pets who can be the only pet that will be respected and as long as you are a good fit and will allow me to love, cuddle and pet your furchild and consider shared custody. Being trans and neurodivergent, I want our home a safe and welcoming and therefore I wont tolerate homophobic, transphobic, abelist, sexist and racist people. If you are interested in being a potential housemate or think i would fit in into your accomodation, send me a message and we'll organize to meet up for lunch and we get along we will discuss our options from there :) Kind Regards, Adam H

Available 20 April 2021