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$150/week18 year old male

Howdy Hey! My Name is Adam! I'm looking for some flatmates/long term accomodation, and will be avaliable to move from Late April through May I am 18 years old turning 19 in March, currently looking for a job and looking into enrolling in Oxygen College for this year. I'm mostly quiet and keep to myself, but I'm very energetic and have a loud voice when I am overly excited, so if I do get loud, let me know and I'll try to lower my voice. In my free time, I'm genrally streaming/playing videogames, drawing (I have some art on my instagram if you wanna have a look), animating, watching animated shows and memes. I'm also working on a YouTube Channel for my art. If you couldn't tell, I'm really nerdy, I think I was meant to A 14 year old girl but God must of pressed the wrong button. Looking for some housemates who are (preferabbly) students, but is also neat, respectful of boundries, accepting and doesn't make too much noise. Maybe chill to hang out every now and then? I'm a neat freak when people around me are clean and quiet, Really dumb but I like to plan out when I clean since I have the worst ADHD, so I'm easily distracted and need a very specific enviroment to be able to concentrate otherwise I get anxious. Don't have any pets and don't plan to at this moment, but bonus points from me if you do have any pets, I love animals and happy to give them lots of love Got savings to get bed, dreasser etc, Got a big Lshaped desk though which needs to be in my bedroom it has my PC which I use to stream/draw, I also have my own TV Also I'm trans (he/him pronouns), Doesn't affect me whatsoever just don't be malcious or mean towards me just because I am trans. If you are interested in being potential housemates or being a good canidate to move in, hit me up. Kind Regards, Adam H

Available 20 April 2021