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$400/week34 year old man

I'm Peter, 34 year old casual shift working registered nurse, my main activities are lifting weights, jogging, practicing drawing and some Dungeons & Dragons. I am looking for a new place to stay in Hobart as my current lease is up on 20/1/22 and the owners are selling. Move date is flexible but 3-4 weeks notice is preferred so I can give notice to my current agent & housemates. I'm looking 1-2 housemates to share a 2-3 bedroom place affordably. If you have certain needs like a car space, garden, pets allowed, please let me know. Maybe we can team up to get what we need together. I will be focussing on places in the Hobart CBD or inner city within 30 minutes walk or up to 5km from RHH. - I want somewhere long term. - The budget for my share is $200-400/week. - I may or may not need my own parking as I might just do something else with my 2 motorcycles i.e. sell or store them elsewhere. I would say I'm a pretty introverted and nerdy kind of person, and would get along easiest with like minded housemates with relatable kinds of interests. Otherwise I can be shy and come across as aloof. - bookworm; especially sci-fi & Lovecraftian stuff. Mostly just read SCP nowadays. - lifelong PC enthusiast; I like video games & building PCs. I watch a lot of twitch. - listening to music, movies, trying different food & drink, motorcycles especially Harley Davidson. - do like lifting heavy weights & running a lot. But I don't actively follow sports. - like different kinds of art probably especially anatomy. - studied some Japanese years ago. I like anime. - go to DnD on Wednsday evenings, and sometimes Parkrun Saturday mornings. That is pretty much my social life besides social media right now. I was also going to live a drawing group fortnightly but it's on hiatus. If you came along any to these, we'd probably get along really well to be honest. - happy for housemates to have people over. - clueless with gardens, but happy to help. - allergic to cats but grew up with them and could probably live with them again. I prefer things to keep things reasonably clean and tidy. I've had many experiences where I felt like I'm the only one doing housework. I don't say anything because I don't want to make things awkward by nagging. But if we are all pitching in regularly, each of us shouldn't actually have to do a lot. - rarely drink, never party or smoke. - I'd rather housemates who are not big drinkers and don't smoke.

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