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Early bird

$175/week31 year old female

Let’s be roomies! Just your average friendly lass looking for a space to call home in Newy. Melbourne roots, however, spent the last 3+ years working professionally/living the dream; part-time ski bum/wonderlust adventurer in Nelson BC, Canada. Life can’t progress without a bit of change, so therefore here I teleport! Returning to the home country, trading in the snowboard for a surfboard, and entering into University of Newcastle 2020. I AM: 30y (f), professional Housetrained (no allergies to vacuums and knows how to buy TP) Respectful (I won’t take your last beer nor eat your tasty leftover pizza) Community orientated, but respectful of privacy and space Excellent with pets (and I also play well with other humans) Totally new to Newy Future Midwife TYPICAL DAY: University, work at the local hospital, study, re-learning how to be an amateur Aussie *surfer* and chilling TYPICAL WEEKNIGHT Cooking, gym, lazy beach sesh, casual beers w/friends, study, embarrassing myself in a multitude of ways (you learn to embrace the bizarre) TYPICAL WEEKENDS Learning how to kite-surf, camping, travel, car camping, hiking, beach, festivals, bbq’s and study (may or may not be prioritized in that order) LOOKING FOR Beachside-ish/or central location Roomies with good energy and a relaxed vibe Neat environment Reasonably priced rent Move-in date preferably start of March (flexible) The plan is to arrive in Newy around mid-February (Uni starts 24th Feb). If you feel like this could work with your space, or know of anyone else’s, I would love to hear from you! Cheers :)

Available 1 March 2020




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$200/week22 year old male

Born and raised in Perth. Got a $30,000 piece of paper that I'm not using. Migrating over to the east coast to study and get another $40,000 piece of paper at the University of Newcastle aha. Hopefully this one actually gets used! I'm not exaggerating when I say that I sleep a lot. Night shift tends to take its toll. When I'm awake, I like to go hiking, play video games, haven't read a book in a while but that's good to do when I'm in the mood for it. You can find me in the kitchen baking something simple like cookies or brownies, or making frowny faces when I cook with oil and it pops and splatters everywhere and threatens to burn my eyes out. Please don't steal my food because I'm already quite generous with sharing I honestly do get a bit messy but I contain it to my room. It's not to the point where the floor becomes clothes-patterned, but to the point where you can make a satisfying BEFORE/AFTER transformation photo collage in 15 mins. I do tend to make a bit of noise as I like listening to my music over a bluetooth speaker, but will invest in a pair of headphones if necessary. Anyhoozies, I'm looking for somewhere to stay preferably long-term because I hate moving places. I'm only bringing clothes and some personal belongings (not that sort of personal items) with me so a furnished room would be great, although it's not a dealbreaker for me. Just don't be surprised if I rock up without a bed at first haha. I do own a car, so having somewhere good to park her would be good too!

Available 19 February 2020