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$225/week63 year old woman

Responsible, clean and tidy with sober habits. I've never smoked, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and choose to use environmentally friendly products so won't mess up your enviro-cycle if you have one. I work from home and am looking for a quiet spot in a lovely location in or around the Gold Coast. It would be nice if there was somewhere flat and safe where I could get back to riding my bike. I am open to where I live, but although I love Northern NSW, until the CoVid thing settles I'm seeking something in QLD. I'd like to be somewhere with an outdoor space and would love to be on acreage or somewhere I can connect back to nature. I'm an ex-housesitter and have housesat in four different countries so have fantastic references from folks who would also give you a personal phone reference. These roles were in executive style homes which often required me to deal with gardeners, pool guys and tradespeople during the owner's absence, so could do the same for you should you need to travel for work. I'm great with pets but don't have any of my own. I always joke that I forgot to get married and have kids but it's sort of what happened and I have no regrets, however, it does mean my life is unencumbered and drama free. I enjoy to travel and once this whole CoVid thing settles I'd like to see more of Australia but won't be rushing to get on a long haul flight any time soon. So without any family to leave an inheritance, the race is on to live a great life, get a couple of books published that are now at the editing stage. I have a quirky sense of humour and enjoy a bit of laugh, hate "chit chat" but would enjoy a real conversation with like-minded people over healthy snacks and sparkling mineral water while you enjoy your beverage of choice. I tend to oscillate between TV apps so if you have Netflix I'll give you my Prime or AppleTV+ so we have a range of TV apps to choose from. I am committed to treading lightly on the planet so I try to keep my worldly goods minimal which means apart from my considerable office set up I don't have a lot of furniture, apart from office stuff to bring with me. My life used to fit in the back of my car but may have "morphed" in my current home which I've been in for 5 years. I choose not to waste power and water so your bills won't skyrocket with me around. If you have a small patch of garden sitting idle you may even find an organic herb garden finds its way in there, of course for cooking not smoking :-) My life has been blessed in so many ways so I give back to my community by volunteering in Southport as a Team Leader with Orange Sky Laundry once a week. Truly, I'm the person you want if you're looking for someone who keeps things neat and tidy, picks up after themselves, can bend over and pull a weed out, puts the trash out AND brings it back in and empties the dishwasher. Being a natural introvert I'll spend a lot of time in my room and I won't have groups of mates around. I'm definitely not a party person preferring a clean and healthy lifestyle and I don't drink alcohol. Truly, I just want a quiet peaceful life in a lovely environment surrounded by nice people. I'm open to where I live and I'm looking for somewhere to call home long term.

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