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Newport Housemates & Roommates

New | $160


Looking in: Newport, Footscray, Sunshine, Altona

I moved to Geelong from Brisbane at the beginning of last year for work. However I have just received a new full-time position based in Altona, so I would like to move closer.

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Updated | $350

Richard & Ciara

Looking in: Port Melbourne, Maribyrnong, Williamstown, Essendon, Flemington, Brunswick, Newport, Footscray, Fitzroy, Hawthorn, Richmond, Caulfield, Saint Kilda

Hi! My name is Richard, I am 25 years old and originate from England. My partners name is Ciara, she is 23 years old from Ireland. For the past four years we have called Darwin our home where we have been lucky enough to gain permanent residency. We decided that it was time for us to move on from Darwin and start a new chapter in Melbourne. We are currently living with family about an hour out of Melbourne city and are looking to move into shared accommodation with like minded people. We are friendly people who enjoy socializing and keeping active. We are currently looking for full time employment, I am a fully qualified horticulturist and Ciara works in office administration. We also have a small puppy, she is 2 years old and her name is teddy. I am sure she could use a doggy pal!

Couple23 - 25
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New | $230


Looking in: Docklands, Hawthorn, Melton, Newport, Ringwood, Doncaster, Windsor, Caulfield, Southbank, Essendon, Cheltenham, Chelsea, South Yarra, Kensington, Carrum

Hello to each and every-one of you, who is taking the time to read my bio. I am gonna tell you, as it is; I am a great cook (but I am not a foodie, no way). I mean what is a, "foodie"?? The latest, "Trendy" word of the hour? Get out of here. When I'm not working or studying, I enjoy heading into town, meeting up with friends, museums, movies, parks or just hang back at home and read a good book. I am outgoing, but on the flip side, hanging about home with any potential housemate/s, provided they wish to is just as chill. I love to spend time with friends, just as much; I enjoy forming/making new friendships. I am a very approachable, friendly individual and I am a great listener and I give as well as I get. I am well read, and proud of my educational/work achievements. I had the pleasure of Studying: Engineering and Law. My Engineering major was in Automotive/Aerospace. This allowed me, to Work and Befriend some of the brightest of people in the, Australian Engineering industry. Other things about me; well my Father is from Austria, whilst my Mother is from Turkey. The rest is for another day. Now to my point; "So Just Chill", cause I am, I am as cool as a cucumber, and do not sweat the small stuff (well, I try not to); What For? Anyways, to those who are reading my intro, I believe I’ve bored you plenty enough, or maybe not. Nonetheless, I now call an end to my intro, wishing all who read or do not; a Remarkable, Blissful, Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, Joyful, Imaginative, Momentous Life. I honestly hope you find what you are looking for in life, the thing that makes you "HAPPY", as well as those around you (your happiness, should not be as a result of someone else demise). Thank you in advance, for taking the time to read, take care and be well. Kindest of regards, Ken.

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New | $300


Looking in: Melbourne, Saint Kilda, Newport, Yarraville

I'm very easy going, clean, keep myself fit and healthy, respect to people and their privacy. I'm a professional person that works full time, and spend most weekend away riding my bikes etc. I'm engaged, but my fiancé currently lives in California. I need a respectable place to stay until she moves here at the end of September. Looking for a room which is private with a preferred ensuit. Male or female it doesn't matter. I don't take drugs or smoke and I rarely drink (only on special occasions) but that doesn't mean I don't know how to have a laugh and enjoy myself. Thank you Nick

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Updated | $280

Naomi & Mischa

Looking in: Essendon, Flemington, Keilor, Ascot Vale, Airport West, Footscray, Yarraville, Newport

We’re a couple in our mid-20s. We’ve been married 3.5 years and have no pets or children. Mischa (hubby) works full time as an air traffic controller at Tullamarine airport. I’m an Early Childhood Educator but am in transition right now between work and study. We’ve been sharehousing for 2+ years. Rental references available. We are respectful of people's space and privacy and likewise, we appreciate our own space - but also like to hang out and chat with our housemates if we bump into each other through the day... we like to be friends with our housemates, not just strangers sharing a house! Neither of us watch TV, except for the occasional game of footy, and we are not interested in living in a house where the TV is always on (whether muted or not). Mischa is a shift worker and so can be in and out at odd hours. I'm currently home all the time, but hopefully my uni applications go smoothly and then I'll be a full time student attending classes most days per week. And hopefully I'll find work to fit in around that, and will be out of the house much of the time. We are not party animals and don't want to live in a party house, but would want to be able to invite friends and family over from time to time for a meal or drink. If we're having anyone for a proper meal (not just a chilled out chat sesh in the corner somewhere!) we always give housemates the heads-up in advance. :)

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Looking in: Keilor Downs, Tarneit, Carlton, Hawthorn, Prahran, Altona Meadows, Saint Kilda, Essendon, Williams Landing, Richmond, Maribyrnong, Brunswick, Newport, Moonee Ponds, North Melbourne, Docklands, Altona

Easy going , friendly , always on time with rent, extremly keen polite mature , parents raised me with manners , respectful and quite like time to my self and privacy but do have a very kind heart easy to warm to personality

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Looking in: Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, Prahran, Williamstown, Newport, Richmond, Saint Kilda

Hi, I'm Maddison. I'm 18 and just recently relocated to Melbourne from Sydney. I work full time in South Melbourne as a hairdressing apprentice. I know I'm younger than most of the typical housemates people are looking for, but I promise I am beyond my years. I'm an energetic and bubbly person who gets along with everyone easily, I like to talk but I also am respectful of people needing their space and downtime. I love the AFL, love watching movies and love cooking. I would love to live with someone who I could potentially be great friends with, and also just someone I can have a good time with. I must say, for someone my age, I'm not really a partier and would rather go to the pub and watch the footy rather than go out clubbing or whatnot. I love animals, so if you have a pet, I will most certainly LOVE them. Feel free to message me and ask me any questions :)

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Looking in: Spotswood, Williamstown, Newport, Yarraville

Very clean and tidy. Friendly but very respectful other's privacy space and time. Have a busy life schedule. Excellent house trained.

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Looking in: Kew, Hawthorn, Prahran, Brunswick, Newport, Yarraville, Southbank, Saint Kilda, Richmond, Caulfield, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Armadale, Malvern, South Yarra

Melbourne girl, I work full time at NAB. I'm a clean and tidy housemate. I like to cook. I'm highly motivated. I'll be a great gym buddy!! Was living in London for the last 2 years and travelled all around Europe. I'm active and adventurous. Working to save for my next trip. Looking for housemates who are fun, social and like to go out at night or keen for road trips, music festivals, house parties, family dinners. Netflix/movie nights. Flexible with move in dates. Can move anytime in June/July.

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Cassie & Evan

Looking in: Maidstone, Spotswood, Kingsville, Williamstown, Seddon, Newport, Brooklyn, Yarraville

Hi, we are a couple in our twenties, looking for a place to live! We are looking to move early August, when our current lease is up - not before. Both working full-time (between Melbourne & Geelong). Easy-going, tidy, love a Netflix sesh and a few drinks on the weekends. Cannot live with cats or smokers, due to allergies and asthma. Interested in both rooms in share houses, or someone to team up and find a new place together, so feel free to message us :)

Couple22 - 24
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Looking in: Spotswood, Ripponlea, Hampton, Saint Kilda, Albert Park, Williamstown, Sandringham, Brighton, Black Rock, Melbourne, Newport, Elsternwick, Altona

I'm clean and tidy, I try and show as much respect for my fellow housemate(s) as possible, I'm no recluse so am happy for a bit of banter, but I also understand the personal space think (Previous housemates of mine haven't). I will occasionally cook up meals for the whole house and provide a few drinks to accompany such meals. I like sport, Music, video games, and like to think I am an open minded individual so I like to hear about others thoughts and ideas with hopes of learning something new!

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Mandy & Kiwa

Looking in: Yarraville, Newport, Williamstown, Sunshine West, Seddon, Footscray

Hi , I'm mandy 27 and my husband 32 yrs old .I'm a housekeeper and my husband is machinery movers . We both are very tidy , never missed washing dishes ,and hygiene is very important for us.we not party animals , quiet and we respect others privacy . we both non smoker .We are easy to get along too . We enjoyed some beer over the Weekend and I always cook nice food . If this a housemates quality you looking for , message me ! want a place to call home ! Thank you and have a great day .

Couple27 - 32
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Looking in: West Footscray, Maribyrnong, Northcote, Newport, Yarraville, Seddon, Brunswick, Brunswick East

I'm social, quirky and responsible. Can pay bills on time without being prompted, can chip in with the communal chores etc Love to share times with board games, movies and just general chat times.

Early bird


Looking in: Williamstown, Newport, Point Cook, Laverton, Brooklyn, Altona Meadows, Altona

I work full time on a weekend roster (Thursday - Monday) and usually get in late most nights. I like to play video games, read and spend time with friends during my spare time. I am quiet, polite and clean in everything I do. I'd prefer a place close to work as I am on call during the evenings.

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Looking in: Yarraville, Williamstown, Thornbury, Newport

Hello! I have recently moved to Melbourne from NSW and am looking for 6 months-long term accomidation. I'm a very friendly and bubbly person with good personal space boundaries and am a naturally tidy person. I work full-time in the hospitality industry and my means of transportation is the public systems. I paint in my spare time and I am also a vegetarian and environmentally conscious, I love to cook healthy food! I do go out late some weekends but am not an avid party-goer as I work 5 days a week. Really hoping to find a place within two weeks as I have to move out of my current residence as soon as possible and cant take time off work. Peace!

Early bird


Looking in: Kingsville, Altona North, Williamstown, Seddon, Tottenham, West Footscray, Newport, Yarraville

Hi, I'm only interested in accommodation for myself. Not sharing. Kind regards, Marise.

Early bird


Looking in: Altona Meadows, Newport, Laverton, Altona

Hi, I work in hospo but not most days. Currently living in Seddon but looking for a closer place to my Friday and Saturday afternoon job in Altona. Pretty much keep to myself but do catch up with friends for a drink. Would somewhere with a garden but I'm not too picky.

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Looking in: Seddon, Richmond, Newport, North Melbourne, Yarraville

I'm from Brazil and I'm very easy going, friendly, open to know different cultures and willing to share my costumes and culture. I like to keep everything very organised, tidy and clean.

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Looking in: Newport, Laverton, Tarneit, Truganina, Williams Landing

Hello, my name is Saurabh Bammi i'm studying Masters in Accounting and will be finishing in June. After June i will be working full time. I am Indian by origin and like to live in a hygienic environment. I like to have my living space to be well ordered and clean. When i share my living space with someone I believe in understanding and respecting other's space. I don't party very often just like to go to the gym and do bit of a training, rest of the time i will be working or studying something.

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Looking in: Newport, North Melbourne, Williamstown, Ascot Vale, Seaholme, Altona, Footscray, West Footscray, Spotswood, Kensington, Yarraville

About Me: I'm neat, positive, kind and happy. I'm from Melbourne, I work as a gender and sexuality studies tutor at Melbourne University and I love binge watching Netflix. Happy to split all bills, pay first months rent and bond in advance I get groceries delivered each week and am happy to order for you/keep tabs on splitting the costs of communal items What I'm looking for: Share house with 1 other housemate Private bathroom Separate kitchen to any other room Outdoor space Someone who's happy for me to have my budgerigar in my room, the living room and occasionally outside to get some vitamin D Close to a train station Close to a large supermarket Neat/tidy/clean housemates Quiet house during the day Room big enough to fit a desk, chest of drawers, double bed, bird cage and free standing wardrobe (if there is no built in robe) Washer, dryer and oven (or at least room for these things) What I'm not looking for: Strict chore scheduling Excessive partying/drinking Drug taking Smoking

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Looking in: Windsor, Williamstown, Kingsville, Newport, Yarraville, Armadale, Saint Kilda, Port Melbourne, Prahran

Hi there, I work full time at an insurance broker in port Melbourne, love to keep fit, animal lover, tidy, friendly and always up for a chat/wine and everything else ☺️ FYI, some mornings I do get up super early to go to the gym but I do try to be quiet My lease officially ends on the 4th of August so ideally I'll be looking to move at the end of July-ish

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Looking in: Newport, Ascot Vale, Kingsville, Flemington, West Footscray, Kensington, Williamstown, Seddon, Seabrook, Yarraville, Point Cook, Footscray

I'm a full time Vet Med student whose looking for a sharehouse with chill vibes which I can retreat to at the end of the day. I'd love some friendly flatmates to share the occasional meal with or perhaps even a bottle of red once in a while. I'm smack bang in the middle of Uni which means most of my evenings are spent with my head in a book and Saturday nights mean watching 'If You Are The One' on SBS (a guilty pleasure) as opposed to heading out for a big one. I come with my best mate Charlie, a 10 year old Spoodle X hot water bottle who is a heckin' good doggo. He doesn't shed hair and is pushing into his old man days so is pretty snoozy too. He is currently on a diet, though we've been saying that for years. Hopefully you will love him.

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Looking in: Newport, Williamstown, Point Cook

Hi ... I'm vegan, lead very healthy lifestyle, practice meditation/spirituality, like balance in life, dancing/singing/music and looking to share with one other only, a mature,positive housemate on similar journey. I like my house environment clean, tidy, peaceful quiet and relaxed. I enjoy my space, but also enjoy a laugh or good conversation with my housemate. My future housemate must also like a similar home environment, but no party animals thanks as that stage of my life is long gone :). Only looking to share with one other. My new home will also have to be close to public transport, gym,shops etc as I don't have a vehicle. I need unfurnished room, as have my own bedroom furniture. Prefer master room with ensuite, and as I have a lot of girly stuff a walk in wardrobe would be ideal :) I'm currently living in a share house in Sanctuary Lakes, and prefer to find something in same area. Send me a msg on here, if my profile is what you are also looking for. Tracey :)

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Naomi & Cameron

Looking in: Spotswood, Seddon, Newport, Yarraville

Looking for an easy going house to join or someone to team up with and find a place! You'll be sharing with a couple, Naomi and Cam. We have lived in the inner west before and loved it, so we would like to do so again, open to options. I'm Naomi, very social and always up for a chat but like my own space at times too, I work in hospitality and study childcare at Uni. Cameron is a very friendly guy, loves his sport and very into poker. He also loves to cook! We also have a very friendly dog called Oscar, his a schnoodle and hypo allergenic so allergies arnt a problem! He loves a good cuddle but listens well to rules. We have just got back from living overseas for the last year so don't come with whole lot of furniture but are more than happy to go shopping! We like to live with people who are happy to have a good yarn over a drink and good food but don't live in each others pockets :) Please feel free to message with any questions/suggestions!! cheers

Couple26 - 31
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