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$200/week20 year old woman

My name is Elysia (Eh-liss-ee-ahh), At the moment I am studying online part-time, I work from night to morning in the city at nightclubs on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and whenever else they need me. I am very quiet and respectful when I leave and get home, I have had a lot of practice living in a rooming house. When I’m not studying or working I like to have a good blend of relaxation and socialising. I am high functioning autistic and dissociative so the relaxation part is really important; with this comes a disclaimer!! With full transparency and support from my doctors and therapists I smoke marijuana to help with panic attacks, sleep, mania etc., in saying this I am an outdoor smoker so it won’t effect your spaces etc. I mostly go out to see friends and when I do (rarely) have them over, they’re all just as respectful. I am neat, tidy and take a pride in all spaces I’m in; my own, others and shared spaces. The Pros: I love food and will eat anything so am happy to spilt grocery costs to make things more efficient or if not im perfectly fine with that. I am an extremely go with the flow person so have found I fit in to different scenes effortlessly and brownie points if you’re a little weird like me. I work in the city and have lots of friends that own lots of things and stuffs and know lots of cool things and cocktails etc so there will always be the offer to tag along. The (dreaded) Con: I will ask you if my outfit looks okay 8 out of 7 days a week. Feel free to message me through Flatmates or Text me. I am a busy bee but will endeavour to get back as soon as possible :)

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