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$180/week27 year old female

HEYYOOOOOOOOO! Looking to move in to a place or form a group to team up! 😊 My move in date is VEEEERY flexible throughout the first two weeks of July - it's important to me to find the right place and the right time so pls be patient/apologies in advance. I like to chill out and meet new people. I am always down for a beverage and would love a relaxed place to live where I can still have my own space - or even just sit together reading! I would love to find flatmates (girls and/or boys) to make friendships with rather than just a house mate but still have a life and friendship groups outside of the house!! Not looking for a massive party house with kick ons eeeevery weekend but definitely down with having mates and people round all the time. I like a full, fun, happy house. I enjoy cycling, healthy eating, gym, hiking, dogs, cats, really any and all animals, and would love to start living a bit more sustainably in a house (apartment living is tough and cramped). WOOOOOOO I am vegan but have lived with a meat eater for two and a half years so don't mind that, although would be a plus if you're vego or vegan as well. Definitely not a deal breaker - I just want to find a good fit and great people to live with! NON NEGOTIABLES HEHE - air conditioning (I'm legitimately allergic to the heat - it's wild) - looking for a house only - i'm retiring from apartment living for a while - backyard and/or great patio or deck area. just somewhere to be outside enjoying the sun and surroundings - just genuinely nice and fun people

Available 1 August 2020



Early bird

$190/week24 year old female

Hey, there my name Mel, I love iced coffee and enjoy the winter season. With the experience of living out of home for 2 years now, I can say I love the independence as well as the challenges that sharing a house can bring. I believe that I have learnt a lot however acknowledge that I have heaps more to learn 👭 🏠. Price-wise please understand I am looking for something no more than $190 including bills as I am on minimum wage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I enjoy spending time with people and hope to do so with my new housemates over a coffee or bite to eat and get to know them more. I am usually quite and to my self however love a good conversation about anything 😀. When it comes down to household duties and the basics I am looking for people who I can comfortably communicate with about sharing cleaning duties equally, splitting bills and all the important stuff, you know?:) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I work part-time in retail in Brisbane and what I enjoy most about my job is assisting the public to find what they are after, going that extra mile. When I am not at work and have time to relax I enjoy watching Netflix, seeing my friends and family, going out for walks and I also love being crafty making polymer clay earrings. I look forward to hearing back from my new housemates at your earliest convenience. Thanking you kindly.

Available 19 August 2020



Early bird

$220/week44 year old male

My name is Chris. I’m clean, and house-trained. I'm not racist, sexist or homophobic. I follow a mainly wholefoods plant-based vegan diet, but am totally respectful of others food preferences. I’m a virgo, if that’s important. I’m mostly a fairly quiet soul, but I really enjoy meeting new people and good chats over coffee, tea, beer, wine, whatever your poison. My first passion is music: listening to it and occasionally making it (I play bass), and going to gigs (sigh...) - I’m particularly into indie, dreampop, rock, post-punk, darkwave and electronic music plus the odd guilty-pleasure… I’m always on the lookout for new music to fall in love with. I am an atheist. I love bike riding, and walking I respect the environment, love being in nature and do my best to lessen my impact on the planet. I have an interest in politics and the way the world is run. I love photography - I’m often taking photos of random things. Occasionally the photos aren’t bad. I enjoy reading - some fave authors: Will Self, William Gibson, Kurt Vonnegut, Anna Funder. I do love a good film too (but doesn’t pretty much everyone?) My favourite film is "Withnail And I”. I like to think that I have a good sense of humour and love to laugh, joke and smile, but am also fascinated by the darker aspects of life. I have most of my life as a public servant, but now I'm working part time for Buchi Kombucha, and am doing admin and design work for a nutrition startup I have travelled overseas a fair bit, from living in London, Berlin and Canada, to many holidays in Europe and a trip to India. I love animals - cats in particular I enjoy gaming - boardgames, cards, computer games, etc. Love trivia nights too I’m not particularly into sport, but I do enjoy cricket, don’t mind a bit of soccer, and enjoy the odd game of squash with one of my besties too, though we're still a bit hazy on all the rules.... There's probably something really obvious about me that I've left out...

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