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$550/week32 year old man

Coming back to Brisvegas (currently in Sydney) to see friends (studied at UQ, from Bundaberg/Kingaroy) and family. I spend a lot of time working on my remote finance business, exercising and otherwise will be out socialising. So if living with someone, I don't have a lot of downtime but I enjoy that 2 minutes of banta in the kitchen when it happens. Otherwise, please see my wishlist below, cheers! ---------- I do a lot of this "shorter-term accommodation" given I move around a lot with my online business, so experience tells me the below is good to send, so please let me know if you think it's a fit for us both! Many thanks! * Dates: short term-ish, so from around 5 September until 21 September earlier, potentially until the end of October if its a good fit. * Bedroom Furniture: I legit have a suitcase of closes ha, so I need fully furnished (I mean with everything, bedding, bathroom accessories etc.). Bed: I'm 194cm so ideally a queen with multiple pillows and relatively soft and flat. Alternate space to work on a balcony or something would be epic, but minimum decent private window/door/balcony with natural light and not too loud. Built-in robes pretty much a must. * Internet & WFH: I do a lot of zoom calls for work so if the internet's a bit hit and miss I just can't chance it, so please let me know if it's not rock solid & unlimited. While I will spend a lot of time working on my business from home so I need a decent chair and desk (in the room if not my own place), big enough to fit my lappy and then a second screen behind it. If not my own apt, this is all so I don't drive you up the wall when I'm on calls! * People: If your place is not a 1 beder - Great housemate(s) are key for me. All the same I'm very independent and have lot's on by design, so you likely won't see a lot of me, but I really enjoy even that 2 minute chat/laugh periodically during the day. While I'm a super chilled dude, country boy who's now done just a bit of travel, while I WFH and am I light sleeper, hence the specific requirements ha. * Other space/furniture: En suite preferable but not a deal-breaker, all linen/bathroom decor needed. I generally order Youfoodz or eat out so I won't be doing a lot of cooking, rather need some decent fridge/freezer space, ideally microwave & blender as I am a man of many smoothies. * Verification of me: Of course if you are considering having me in your place, you'll want to check that I'm legit! Ha, so please let me know what you need to see from me to get comfortable with me staying in your home! I can send you my socials, business website, PDF of Airbnb reviews etc. if you would like them let me know! Let me know your thoughts and thanks for your time in advance!

Available 5 September 2022