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$300/week23 year old woman

Helloooo. I’m Shailey & I’m a 23 year old full-time student currently studying education support online. I currently work as a bartender in a nightclub on the weekends and should be in a school within the next month or so. I keep pretty busy so likely won’t be around super often! I’m a pretty quiet and clean person so I’m. It much of a bother! I liked to keep to myself but also enjoy socialising with friends, family & those I live with. If you’re similar in that aspects we’ll get along great. When I am home, you’ll generally find me hidden away in my room reading lots of books or binge watching something! I do also have a 6 year old kitty who I’d love to be able to bring along with me. Her name is Orange and she’s incredibly friendly and well-behaved. Usually all she does is sleep or cuddle as she’s a very loving gal. She’s an indoor kitty, who’s house trained and knows her boundaries. She’s vaccinated, desexed and microchipped. I’ve lived out of home since I was 18 so I’m pretty well versed and understand of the rental market, inspections, leases, etc. Ideally I’d be looking for other flatmates who are also pretty quiet and clean but would also enjoy hanging out or just having a chat in the hallway, with the potential to hang out and do things as friends and not just strangers who live together. Preferably looking to live with females around my own age but definitely not the most important factor.

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