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$250/week23 year old woman

Hi, I am a 23 year old female looking to rent out a house with someone. Currently living in St. Albans ~ Little Summary Of Me :) I prefer to be more in doors then the party life, not too fond of rowdy scenes. I am an outgoing person who loves singing, dancing and music. LGBTQIA+ Friendly, love learning about mental health and volunteering in anything metal health related. I will be soon studying mental health First aid. On quiet nights I like to stay in and watch Netflix, read self development books, exercise, volunteer in community work & spend time with my friends and loved ones. I love interacting with people and just laughing till I get stitches, I would say I’m funny, spiritual, an at ease person & A BIG EXTROVERT. I am a casual pick packer working with full time days and weeks from 7-3, pretty much full time. I would like to move in with someone that’s laid back and chilled, someone who isn’t afraid to be bold and can keep a conversation going. I want to live somewhere where we can both call our place our sanctuary home. I’m very easy to get along with, I’m a very clean person some would say I’m a (clean freak) that’s due to my OCD. I feel a household should be cleaned always and no exception for it to not look like a home. I am double vaxx, I would want to live with someone who makes me feel comfortable in our home, & not it feeling awkward because that’s how it can be sometimes living in a share house. would love to form a friendship with a flatmate. 🤗 I would also lastly like to say I would prefer moving in with 1 or 2 people but no more than that, I feel the more people in a household can be quite difficult to maintain & many differences. I hope to live with someone that respects my space and it also being reciprocated. Lots of love, P.S really into incense, candles & diffusers so you can always count on me to have the house smelling sensational. ✨ don’t feel shy in messaging me. 😊

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$270/week24 year old woman

Hi there! (Be prepared it's a lot lol) First off, I have 3 indoor kitty's (yes 3 I know im crazy) who are 1 year old and are like my babies. So if you like cats, you'll love mine, or even if you don't, they'll still love you probably! They're a bit cheeky and they always make me laugh, but they've never been aggressive and are extremely friendly. I pride myself on being thier hooman mama. Looking for someone, to share a house with thats spacious and is willing to live with my cats. You are more than welcome to meet them before anything is decided also. I am actively looking for houses and have a few in mind, just need someone to apply for houses with and live with. I am LGBTQ+ friendly, I love animals, am open minded, I am respectful and friendly, care about those around me, have been described as an empath, am aware of boundaries and like having a good chat or a great silence as long as everyone's on the same page(it's all about the vibe of the house). I love watching movies, sometimes anime even though I'm uncultured, I work as a supervisor at a pub in the city, and enjoy learning about new things. And I'm usually down for a game of chess(I need the practice)! Probably irrelevant but I love ping pong and pool(I'm terrible at both) so I'm happy to go for pool sessions or play ping pong. I usually try to be a fairly neat and tidy person as I don't like mess, especially with the cats around. I try to make sure I clean up after myself and the cats as much as possible. I like to make sure everyone shares equal responsibility in a household so we all feel as a part of the house and that no one is doing more than another. I strive to ensure we all are comfortable within the household and I try to be a proactive member of anything I do where I can. I can be pretty anti social at times, however, I like to communicate before doing anything. I like to make sure everything's out in the open so you can always talk to me if there are issues or even just need to talk about random stuff. If need be. It will always be a safe space when you're with me. I treat everyone as equal and care about the people who are around me. I work part time but I try to work as much as possible so I take on more hours. I usually come home late so you'll usually have the week days to yourself and usually work nights on weekends. When I am home I'm happy to chill and hang out and chat but I also respect others people and thier privacy, and love my own privacy. Even though I am a sensitive person, I am usually very direct also but always try to be respectful. I'm generous, I don't mind sharing the general things like washing machine or dishes n couch stuff because we all need to eat and wash clothes and sit down every now n again yknow. As long as you're respectful to my things and I know, then it's all good. I don't mind people coming over, as long as its discussed and doesn't interfere with anyone's working life or anything else anyone has to do. I don't want parties either unless discussed in advance. I have a partner(not too social but very friendly) also. He is the only one I see often other than my male best friend(extremely friendly) who comes down from the country sometimes. Other than that I don't really bring many people over usually. If I do smoke, it's outside as I prefer not to hotbox my cats. I don't usually smoke at home anyways unless it's with someone or on occasion. If you've gotten this far, you're a legend and I hope to hear from you soon. Take care and stay safe out there 😊

Available 14 March 2022