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$250/week47 year old female

Hi :) I'm a super clean and tidy, clean-living and green-inclined homie with stable income seeking a similar sounding space to create as home. I'm generally quiet in my home lifestyle but very open and chatty when the space suits to be. 😁 My lifestyle tends to involve cooking, good local vegetarian/vegan food, markets, dance, community connections, drawing/life modeling, kirtan/meditations, gardening and other creative dreamings 😊. I desire a *smoke and drug-free* sunny space (not too chic, not too shabby - rustic aok) where I can contribute my energy and create deliciousness in the kitchen, store some stuffs, maybe write and create some stuffs, and grow my own veggies :) I'm also doing my best eco-consciously, for living zero waste. I rarely drink alcohol - but do make my own ferments 😁 Ideally, a calm, self-contained space or sharing with just 1-2 mature others would suit me best. I enjoy deep intelligent conversation and equally my own company 😊 Did I mention I like to cook and feed people? 😉 (I have worked and volunteered in community doing so) I adore all animals and am guardian to an absolute lovebug of a furry feline friend (rescued from a garbage bin over 3 years ago!) - in the most wildlife-protecting responsible way I can. For the love of fresh air, stars and energetic solitude, I crave a quiet, green space - preferably less than 30 mins to town - but am certainly open to options and ideas... I'm great to have around for security, garden maintenance, and pet feeding 😉😍😁 Please, let's talk 😊 Smiles, Sufiyo Rubyn

Available 15 March 2021


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$250/week39 year old male

Hi, I'm Luke (39) and I work full time as a professional photographer looking for a new place to live in Hobart or its surrounds. I am a very relaxed and easygoing housemate, who is quiet, highly respectful and friendly. I work from home and also frequently travel for work. This means I'm usually home 50% of the time and completely away from home the other 50%. My landlord is selling the place I have called home for the past 3.5 years, which is very sad and I, unfortunately, need to move on. My current landlord will vouch that I always pay my rent, am a polite and respectful tenant that keeps to himself and enjoys peace and quiet. As my landlord intends to settle the sale in the future I can move between now and the end of May, which means I have time to find a place that is the right fit for me (and you). As I work from home I would need a little more space than the average housemate. Ideally, the room would be generous in size to allow for me to set up my desk and printer and provide some additional storage area for my equipment. Private entry/exit is definitely a bonus. I have a car and am happy to park it on the street if required as long as parking restrictions are not a nuisance. I like to live fairly self-contained and therefore my preference is to have my own/ensuite bathroom. I am happy to make concessions on this though for the right place. Thanks for spending the time to read my profile and feel free to get in touch if you feel my profile matches your listing!

Available 1 March 2021


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$180/week30 year old female

Hey! Need a new housemate? I'm a 31yo musician & vocal coach. Financially responsible, friendly, playful, very clean & considerate, and consider good communication a priority. Looking for a friendly home, not just a place to sleep. I'm looking for something from March onwards... ready to commit to 6-12 months. Hoping for an existing sharehouse but also open to teaming up to start a new place. I generally go by my surname, call me Tilley! (she/her) I’m originally from here, I moved back after 5.5yrs in Melbourne in early July 2020 (escaping COVID). The house I'm looking for will have: - Somewhere off street for me to secure my small motorbike (this can be shed or just a side path or backyard). - If the room included a wardrobe / shelves / desk that’d be helpful, but not essential. I just need enough space for a bed, some storage, some rolling-on-the-floor space, and maybe a desk. I work as a vocal coach, currently renting an office in the CBD. Hoping to live with at least 2 others, who are not all male. Hoping to be less than 10min walk away from regular buses (and/or walking distance to town) Keen to continue living without much TV, (Netflix is ok, just not heaps of commercial TV/sports/TV on just as background noise) We are hopefully all:⁣ - Clean, communicative, kind, collaborative, caring, compassionate. - Environmentally and energy usage conscious (tending to put some layers on first), but also not stingy, ok with putting on the heating when it’s cold.⁣ - Careful with security (diligent with locking doors & windows when leaving).⁣ - Not big drinkers or heavy partiers.⁣ - Not working nights and needing to sleep all day (as I will often be making/playing music... but not incessantly.) I do love a social house with friends coming over now and then for activities, dinners & movie nights, but not a "party house" (occasional parties are fine! Just not people over getting smashed every weekend.) My home is my sanctuary and I love my alone time and downtime but also, being connected to others is what makes me feel alive.⁣ I've been told I'm an "ambivert" lol and I get along with introverts and extroverts alike just fine. ⁣ More about me: - Queer, left-leaning politics, intersectional feminism, currently learning about what it means to be antiracist. Friendly, silly/a total dork, love art/music, real-life philosophy & learning about people & psychology.⁣ - I'm often singing or listening to music but happy to be asked to be quiet when needed. - Usual hours: in bed by 11ish and up around 8am. - Been renting since age 17, never had bond withheld, never had issues paying rent or bills.⁣ Very clean and tidy. - I do eat meat, although I am keen to learn more vego recipes/work towards being vego at home. Don't care what you eat, just don't cook fish in the microwave plz (ew).⁣ - I’m happy to help out in the garden (limited experience / knowledge but can follow instructions!) and with watering houseplants (v sad I had to leave my green babies back in Melbs). Bonus points if the home has a piano, fire, and/or a bath! Bonus points for any creative types!⁣ If you’d describe yourself as a “balanced” person, who doesn’t over-identify with anything and has varied interests, this might be a good match.⁣ ⁣ Final note: Sadly incense, sage, palo santo, scented candles, scent oil sticks etc all make me quite ill, so you’d need to be ok with not using these. If this sounds like a good match, let me know when I can check out the place and meet everyone! Cheers :)

Available 1 March 2021