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$250/week48 year old man

G'day, I live interstate - I'm back in my home town in Southern Coastal NSW. My main place of employment is still in Melbourne, in the event production industry (tech side of this is my world). I'm a drive in/out worker that does ~2 week stints on, then about ~10 days off. Some months I may not even be in VIC at all - my departmental management role has me working anywhere Australia-wide for various stints throughout the year for major events on our calendar. My partner and I own our home up here i.e. we're settled, happy and responsible people. We're debt free and have significant savings and investments - i.e. I'm a sure bet as far as a housemate goes. We also owned our home when we permanently resided in VIC from 2014 until 2019 and only sold to relocate back here to look after my aging parents - my work wanted me to stay on with them in spite of this, thus my now rather large 'commute'. I'm hoping to find a decent crash pad somewhere near work (Brooklyn depot) I can feel is my second home, so I don't have to do the AirBnB boogie every month. This is proving to be quite tiresome already, even though I've just gotten back on this horse that I rode since we moved here in 2019. I've been working remotely from here for the past six months while our industry has been in total limbo. However, it's now well and truly kicking back into gear and this looks to be the status quo for the foreseeable future. As such, I need to be physically back in VIC again regularly, so I'm hoping to secure a place as soon as possible. I have accom sorted for my first trip before Christmas (5 December arrival through to 18 Dec...) and another for the second stint (27 Dec - 9 Jan), so I'm in no major rush; I can cancel these if the dates fit you better to move in earlier than that, or later on - the main pre-requisite is finding the right peeps to live with and the right place live in, so I can happily concentrate on work rather than all the other variables involved around having a roof over my head every night. I'm prepared to buy all requisite furniture/bed if need be, or I'm happy to utilise an already set-up room as long as the mattress is of high quality; the bedside lamp won't electrocute me; the desk isn't wonky and the chairs aren't missing a leg XD... etc. I'm on good income in a secure employment position - I was one of only 7 retained in F/T employment out of 100 during The Great C19 Easter Face Plant of 2020 in the company I work for. This is also part of the reason I feel compelled to look after the company that looked after me through what was a very rough period of time for nearly everyone in our industry. When not working, my leisure activities include surfing; skateboarding; snorkelling; body surfing; mountain biking; renovation soldier; Z-grade timber ninja; gardening and playing a wee bit of guitar - at appropriate times and levels (electric on headphones if need be, or busting out a bit of 12-string + stray cold beer shenanigans if that's the vibe - N.B. I'm a very light and occasional social drinker at most... no other vices I can think of). Surfing (short boards) is definitely my primary love and 30+ year mainstay - before moving here we used to live down past Geelong and I spent a good deal of time at Bells Beach and surrounds in waves sized up to ~double overhead. I love bombing a hill or seven on my mountain board (bush) or cruiser (streets) when the surf is crud and I can hook up with others to do so with transport etc. Music Taste: fave 'current' bands are Ocean Alley; Lime Cordiale; Mako Road; Matt Corby; Kingswood; Dope Lemon; Boy and Bear; Winston Surfshirt; Holy Holy; The Rubens [in no particular order depending on the day and wind direction]. But on any other day I'm equally likely to be listening to something ranging from Be-Bop to Hip Hop to Clutch to Johnny Cash to hillbilly folk strumming to a swathe of good material from most genres the 60's to 80's churned out, or even the very occasional bit of electronica like New Order; Can; Infected Mushroom; Moloko - where does one stop? And then I'll probably go and put some Brahms; Stravinsky or Bach on to wash it all away again. Shortly before Bombtrack by Rage Against The Machine and Electravision Mantra by The Celibate Rifles. Movie Directors: Cohen Brothers; Wes Anderson; Clint Eastwood; early Kevin Smith; Jarrad Wright; Ridley Scott; Tarantino and of course dozens more. In terms of on the domestic front, I really enjoy having a clean kitchen at all times without being utterly pedantic about it. I.E. clean as you go, after every meal. I'm more than happy to do my fair share of domestic housework including vacuuming/mopping and other property maintenance (windows, gutters, garden etc.) to ensure all is as it should be on an ongoing basis. I'm looking to share with others that also roll like this, for the sake of our respective levels of (hopeful) sanity. In summary, you gain the benefit of someone completely reliable sharing the expenses of housing with you, who is not even there for a significant amount of the time - probably ~35-40% away kind of thing! All I'm after is someone else with their gears engaged in life that is hopefully as low maintenance a human as I humbly consider myself to be. :-) Anyway, that's probably enough jibber jabber. If this meets some/most/all of your expectations/requirements I look forward to being in contact with you soon. Cheers, Rich.

Available 3 December 2021



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$350/week26 year old man

Hiya, First of all, thanks for clicking on me! I've been living in Canberra for the last couple of years, now moving back to Melbourne to be closer to family and friends! I am a full-time public servant working remotely for ACT Health, so will be back and forth to Canberra every couple of months. To share a little more on me, I'm quite a relaxed and warm person with a wide variety of interests and pursuits ranging from listening to too many podcasts to eating avocado and vegemite on toast. More seriously, I love to read (and am in desperate search of a new bookclub) and watch odd documentaries and films. I am a pretty avid goer of yoga/pilates classes and really looking forward to improving my practice. Another big thing for me is spending time outdoors - whether going for cycles, walks or hikes around the place. I've lived in France, Australia and China as well as having travelled extensively so I'm very open-minded. I am a friendly and considerate housemate - open to spending time together and making nice little dinners but also respectful of my housemates' time and need to relax. I like to keep common areas tidy and warm and also make a mean veggie stirfry (I enjoy mediocre wine too, but I'm also fine with fancy wine.) I am looking for a medium-large size room, preferably with my own bathroom (not a dealbreaker!). I would be working full-time from home so it would be great to find a place with *space*. My ideal housemates would be considerate and committed to making home a warm, comfortable and accepting space. I would like to live with people who are in their later years of studies or early on in their career. However, that isn't set at all in stone and if there's a good feeling between us then why not!

Available 12 December 2021