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$200/week31 year old male

Please excuse my suss Tinder profile picture. I was prompted to list what makes me great to live with but I’m just going to list how it is. I am respectful and sensible at home and in general I like to keep to myself. I am happy to socialise, however, and I am always polite and placid where I live and towards my housemates even if we aren’t similar personalities. I can tone it up or down, and I am patient and open minded within reason. I am often a night owl or due to work and the gym, I can come home at hours up until 4am for the gym or 9am for work, but I am quiet and mindful of others sleeping. I am a single male, though, and infrequently, I do have females around. I am very selective and cautious with who I bring over, and I try to where I can not bring anyone home. If I do, I attempt to always make it at a time or night where my flat mate isn’t home, hence why I say it’s infrequent. I am a working professional who is currently laid off due to the coronavirus. I am currently in a financial position where rent will not be an issue, however. I am generally tidy and I tend to get along with people older than me. Every now and then I will have a day at home, but those days are not common as I have a specific routine and schedule. I do not drink unless it’s a special occasion. I do not do drugs, smoke or bring any rift raft home. If you do any of that or smoke weed, I don’t care. This isn't my first rodeo. If you are a heavy drug user such as daily or weekly injectables or powder, we won’t get along. If you’re a day off work or weekend celebrator, we will get along. If you’re neither, that's even better. My party days are over and I don’t wish to be around anyone too loose in my home life. I always strive my best to make home life for my flat mate(s) easy going. I don’t like to be an issue or to effect someone’s quality of life negativity, so I am conscious of my flat mate(s) home space. I enjoy cooking and I always clean up after myself. I also never invade my flat mate(s) personal space or room. I am a low maintenance person, very organised and not messy or fussy. I am told I can be intimidating when first met, but I am a polite and respectful person until given a reason not to be, which I think is fair enough, and once someone gets a feel for me, they are comfortable with me. I do have a criminal record, but I am not involved in anything illegal currently or on any sort of corrections order. I mind my own business and I pride myself on that. I am preferably looking for a one room flat with kitchen and a bathroom. Most people call it a studio apartment or bachelors pad. Bathroom can be in the one room or a second room. I don’t spend much time at home but I am open to sharing a two or three bedroom flat if I think our personalities will gel. I do have a car and while I am very selective with who I let drive it, if you don’t have a car, I like to help where I can and I will do what I can for you within reason. In short, I’m not your average male and my lifestyle isn’t typical, but I’ll pay my rent on time, mind my own business and I won't be a pain in your ass. I just need a place to sleep, shower and eat when I’m not in the gym, working or visiting someone. I feel that the above is a pretty comprehensive list of what to know and expect, so hit me up if you feel I'm suitable.

Available 15 June 2020