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$250/week29 year old man

Hi I’m Nick, I’m 29 and have just driven over from QLD. I’ve been living on the Gold Coast working as a lifeguard and studying Occupational Therapy. I’m working in a warehouse 4-5days at the moment and may eventually continue my studies. I’m looking for a relaxed share house or granny flat to rent with my beautiful dog Harrison. I have lived in share-houses for years, I value open communication and enjoy living in a clean and tidy environment. I enjoy gardening/house plants, surfing, making art, going on hikes, reading, binging Netflix and listening to good music/always keen for a live gig. I am on and off social, I like my space but also love a games night or chat about life over a drink or tea. Not a big party/loud places type person so not keen for a party house, the occasional gatho is sweet. Harrison is 5, extremely well trained/low maintenance and super social with humans. He prefers to be outside most of the time, sun-baking. But he’s always down for a cuddle inside on a cold night. He’s lived with smaller or super chilled dogs and toddlers before, but wouldn’t be suited to living with another big dog or a cat (at least not one that would hiss at him, which is every cat he’s lived with so far). He has never caused any issues with previous properties and we’ve always gotten 100% of our bond back. Usually people have been sad to see him go, or threatened to kind-nap him, can provide references. If you’ve gotten this far I should mention I am a trans man and neurodivergent, so probably not gonna enjoy living with transphobic/homophobic, misogynistic or ableist people. May as well chuck no racists in there too for good measure 🙅🏽‍♂️

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